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Lamborghini participates in an exhibition against fake goods, and some fake-spotting

By Rigval on 24 Jan 2011

Attached Image -Automobili Lamborghini Boutique, located in Aberdeen Centre, Vancouver,Canada-

I recently received news that Lamborghini is participating in the “Il Falso Non Ha Senso” (Fakes Don't Make Sense) :Made in Italy, Genuineness and Fakes Exhibition that will be held at Rome Italy from the 13th of January until the 6th of February 2011. This is the first exhibition of its kind. One that addresses the replica or fake goods market.

This Italian Government effort intends to showcase Italian companies with the 'Made in Italy' brand and how these companies' sales have been damaged by fake goods. This is quite an innovative effort from a country's government and somehow, Lamborghini is the only car brand selected to represent 'Made in Italy'. Quite strange when Fiat handles most of Italy's finest brands like Maserati and Ferrari. Maybe Ferrari is too busy selling all those original T-shirts (and cars) without any real effort and couldn't be bothered with Ferrari apparel flooding the market.

Or, it could be the fact that Lamborghini has recently launched its webstore and has launched a new line of apparel and other luxury items. Their press release does not state what cars will be on display at the Palazzo Ruspuli in Rome but they have stated that the Automobili Lamborghini Collection will be on display. This collection includes leather goods as well as clothing for both sexes.

Whatever the case, the only real problem relating to fakes in the motoring industry only affects smaller, run of the mill cars. You can remember the various blatent copies of the Chevy Spark and the Toyota RAV4 by Chery (the QQ and their Tiggo SUV) and some other Made in China manufacturers that take bits and pieces of Mercedes, BMWs and even Japanese cars. But items like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari are never copied. Maybe their die-cast models are sold without license, but that's all. It's hard to actually put a stop to people stitching their logos onto a cap or a T-shirt.

Now speaking of fakes, this sample door card was spotted at a upholstery shop located at a suburb of Kuala Lumpur. I seriously wonder if anyone, even a very big fan of the Louis Vuitton brand would think of upholstering his or her car in that world famous monogram. That is unless bad taste overrules one's sanity.

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