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A popular Mercedes sedan gets a facelift: Mercedes Benz-AMG C63

By Rigval on 12 Feb 2011

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Mercedes Benz-AMG has officially revealed photos of the facelifted C63 AMG performance sedan. It now features CLS styling on its headlights, a front grille with a single chrome bar and a revised front bumper/splitter that now has LED driving lights instead of the previous round type lights. It also sports a different black out rim design as one of the wheel options. The external revisions are the only major changes to the ballistic Mercedes that is basically a pretty great sedan with an even greater engine bolted onto it.

The interior gets a slightly revised dashboard, a different instrument cluster, aluminium trimmings and also piano black accents. This interior revision to me is not an opinion dividing as the exterior. Somehow the previous C63 looks more aggressive. This one looks more integrated and does not strike as much fear like the previous one if it were to suddenly appear in your rear view mirror on the highway. At least it keeps the double bonnet humps which I think was designed as a one finger salute the the BMW E92 M3's single bonnet bump.

The engine remains the same incredible sounding 6.3 (actually 6.2) liter V8 with 451bhp and 600Nm of torque. The 7 speed MCT transmission is similar to the one used in the SL63 which gets a clutch type system instead of a usual automatic torque convertor. 0-100km/h takes 4.5seconds for the sedan and 4.6 seconds for the station wagon variant. Top speed is limited to 250km/h as usual for a German sedan. You could spec in the AMG performance package and this will get you 480bhp with the same amount of torque. The extra dosh only allows you the privilege of getting to 100km/h 0.1second faster than usual.

One other notable revision to the C63 is that its suspension gets revised spring/damper rates and a thicker anti-roll bar. I suppose Mercedes-AMG wants to reel in this American muscle car aping Uber-sedan as we know that it can hold massive tire smoking and tire shredding power slides due to the mountain of torque the 6.3liter generates.

I have to say that this car still has my vote for being the most manic small sedan around. Road tax and the new exterior revision aside, this car would still be part of my dream garage over the BMW M3 or the Lexus IS-F. And why do I say so? The noise the engine makes. AMG employs two blokes whose main purpose there is for that incredible baritone of a noise. Tell me whether any other company does that. It does sound like a Messerschmidt passing by on full song and for that it simply blows the other two away as it makes a the simple chore of driving (even slowly) into something totally joyful.

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Written by Rigval
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