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Time for some homegrown automotive parts?

By Blogger on 01 Mar 2011

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I was browsing through my copy of Hypertune today when it struck me that Malaysia really boleh; well at least when it comes to their car industry. Not only have they got their own national car makers, they have got a vibrant aftermarket scene with a fledgling local aftermarket parts manufacturing industry. And that got me thinking, while having our own national car marque might not be that feasible, perhaps it is now timely for our local authorities and motoring entrepreneurs to explore the idea of setting up our own homegrown automotive manufacturing brands?

For one, it is not like we lack the expertise to do so. We always boast of the top notch brains that our multiple universities churn out. I am sure the engineering behind making car parts is not something we lack. And what better time to explore this than with the new Singapore University of Technology and Design up and running?

And let's not forget that the market conditions are ripening. We have got high COE levels which, in all likelihood, will remain unabated for an extended period. This means that more drivers will keep their cars longer; ergo, more demand for car parts. With the eventual completion of the track at Changi, there should be even more interest in the aftermarket and car parts scene. LTA can help keep the party going by loosening its restrictions (especially for local aftermarket parts) while providing its own inputs to the manufacturers to develop parts truly suitable for Singapore's unique conditions.

It seems like the stars are slowly aligning, so here's hoping that some local motoring entrepreneurs will heed my call and get this industry going! And if it really does happen; remember, you read it here first!

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Eyke Mar 01 2011 01:46 PM
1. There's no LTA restrictions on developing parts.

2. There's nothing "unique" about Sg conditions,
Just normal tropical city driving in high humidity,
With flooding once every 50yrs laugh.gif
Blogger Mar 01 2011 08:53 PM
1. I meant restriction on installation and use of such aftermarket parts. If LTA could allow for pre-approved local parts (i.e. approved and tested during design phase) or a simplified approval process for local parts it would go a long way. Imagine an LTA friendly exhaust bought and installed with no further fuss or trouble. I am sure it would lower costs and boost demand.

2. Unique conditions are whatever conditions that LTA uses to justify our draconian modification laws. Ask LTA, I am clueless

LoverofCar Mar 02 2011 10:51 AM
why malaysia boleh? If they create a car industry just to sell a car at $50K....our Singapore government is even more boleh...selling a piece of cert (COE) at $50K..and may be you can only see it on the LTA website......and this is with zero investment....
Rantwb Mar 07 2011 05:00 PM
With insurance companies taking the stance of not paying out claims for illegally modified cars. How can the local aftermarket scene take off?

Is it up to LTA to broaden the scope of allowing more modification to be legal? Or the insurance companies to take the first step of accepting modified cars and honour claims instead of penalising the insured with voiding the insurance coverage.

Aftermarket tries to take off but is not accepted by vehicle manufacturers and insurance giants. How then do they gain acceptance and there is always the risk of non-conformity?
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