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Novitec Rosso makes a more brutal Ferrari California

By Rigval on 27 Feb 2011

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The Ferrari California is a V8 powered Ferrari that isn't that extrovert in its looks and was built for a different sort of market compared to its other V8 powered sibling, the 458 Italia. This is one that feels at home puttering around at slower speeds, around Orchard Road, the Marina area, the Cote D'Azur, Beverly Hills and other happy shopping/pleasure/leisure zones. In fact it looks more Maserati than Ferrari. Especially its stance and posture if a car can be said to have a posture. Some would say a Ferrari needs to be angry, very angry.

The late Enzo Ferrari once said that the 250GT was too beautiful looking to be a Ferrari and that was corrected when the 250GTO arrived. This was a brutal looking car (for its period) and somehow Signor Ferrari was right. A Ferrari must have some anger in it. However, in this case, if you wanted a Ferrari California to look suitably angry you could get it done up by Novitec Rosso. Its Race 606 Ferrari California looks very brutish. Far from the quiet elegance of the stock California.

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You get a Novitec Rosso bodykit with its front lip spoiler, a ventilated bonnet, rear diffuser and carbon fiber trimming. You get big fat 20inch NF3 alloys on a 35mm lowered suspension and hydraulic lift suspension up front (to clear speedbumps). However the best mod in my opinion is the one to the engine. The California gets a supercharger kit fitted to its 4.3-litre V8 engine. Novitec Rosso fits a 'kompressor', an intercooler, intake manifold, larger fuel injectors, a tweaked ECU and a freer flowing exhaust system. From this factory warranty voiding kit you get 598bhp instead of 454bhp, 608Nm instead of 490Nm of torque. Top speed, 202mph. It just sounds so much nicer in MP/H instead of KM/H (which is 325km/h incidently). But if you look at the press release pic of the engine bay (above), you'd be hard pressed to believe that there is a supercharger lurking beneath the carbon fiber engine bay covers.

Those that want to have the first view of a Novitec Rosso Race 606 California (a mouthful to say out loud), can head over to Geneva where it will be officially unveiled and displayed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

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Written by Rigval
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