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My top 5 peeves as a Singapore motorist

By Blogger on 11 Jan 2010

Warning: This article is intentionally biased and opinionated. If you are too uptight to see the lighter side of things, please click the back button on your browser and select another post to read.

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I am sure that there are many things that irritate, frustrate and tick us off when we drive on Singapore roads. Here is the top 5 list of motoring related things that get me just that little bit hot under the collar.

5. Leeches

Largely harmless but very irritating, leeches are non-drivers who believe that drivers owe them a duty to send them home. Now, this does not include close friends or family members, just those acquaintances who insist on hitching a ride even when it is out of the way. Now, I bought my car so I can save on traveling time. A MRT ride home takes 45mins from town, a drive takes 25mins. What appears as a slight 10min detour actually significantly erodes into the purpose of buying a car. Leeches fail to understand that sending them home is a FAVOUR not a DUTY. Sending them home means I am a nice guy. Not sending them is hardly selfish.

4. Road Hoggers

Do I really need to say more about this unique breed of motorist? This motorist lives in a world of his own and is oblivious to others around him. Crawling comfortably at his own pace along the fast lane of the expressway and ignoring the tailback of vehicles behind him. Sometimes I really wonder, do they have impenetrably thick skin? How can someone be so unabashedly inconsiderate? Do they feel no shame, holding everyone else back, slowing everyone down? It is hardly surprising that road hoggers deserve a spot on my list.

3. Poor Carpark Design

Another major irritant. Now, this is not because I am a kayu driver who has a problem navigating poorly designed carparks. This irritates me because designing a good carpark is not rocket science. You don't need any special skill or talent. You just need to use your brain and think about it. I often get the feeling that if the designer or architect had bothered to even think it through just that little bit more, the carpark would definitely have been much better. Instead, the carpark often seems to be an afterthought, designed by some unpaid intern. Anyone working as an architect or developer care to tell me why?

2. Congestion/Bad Traffic

Bad traffic. I am sure this is a common peeve among motorists everywhere. No amount of ERP or measures by the government seem to help. There seems to be congestion at all sorts of places, occurring for a multitude of reasons. Being stuck in a jam is definitely no fun, making this common gripe number 2 on my list.

1. 'Kiasee' Motorists

This type of motorist errs on the side of caution just that little bit too much. He jams on the brakes the moment the car in front so much as taps on the brakes. He insists on leaving more than the required safe distance between vehicles. He slows to a crawl before taking a slight bend or taps on his brakes repeatedly while making a turn. To be safe, when approaching a fixed position speed camera, this motorist slows to way below the mandatory speed limit. Being stuck behind one of these motorists, especially during traffic congestion, is pure torture.

Agree, disagree or have your own pet peeves to share? Do drop a note in the comments section.

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