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Tiny eight legged crawlers causes Mazda to recall cars in the US

By Rigval on 17 Mar 2011

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Sometimes real life is even more bizarre than in the movies. The top brass over at Mazda North America must be really miffed as they had to approve a recall for 65,000 Mazda 6 made between 2009-2010 due to the fact that there have been twenty reported cases of yellow sac spiders getting in a ventilation line of the Mazda 6's fuel system. This arachnid invasion to the fuel system could cause increased pressure in the fuel tank which could lead to cracks or even a fire.

The press statement did not really say how those little crawlers got inside the Mazda's fuel systems but theories suggest that the spiders may have entered the fuel tank during assembly. The cars affected were built at Mazda's US plant and only affects the cars over there. These cars include Mazda 6 sold in the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Mazda also reports that there have been no accidents caused by these fuel system invasion.

Now for some National Geographic-like stuff for those interested in these little crawlies. The Yellow Sac spider or, as it is scientifically known, the Cheiracanthium is a species of spider from the Miturgidae family of arachnids. They are usually pale yellow in color around the abdomen area and its size ranges from 5 to 10mm. So it's pretty tiny. It is also a spider that can bite. A bite can cause a small lesion in humans and there could be a small risk of infection but its bite isn't one of those severe one that poisonous spiders like the female black widow which could kill a human. And you thought you'd never learn anything useful in an autoblog.

Imagine that, spiders in your fuel lines. How do they survive in the fuel lines and tank of a Mazda 6? What do they eat? Do they sip or guzzle RON92 or do they prefer higher octane?

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Turboflat4 Mar 19 2011 09:19 PM
Just rebrand the model a Mazda 6 "Spider", call it truth in advertising if challenged, and they're golden.
Rigval Mar 20 2011 02:01 PM
Hahaha! A spider that isn't a convertible....that's a first for the car industry if that happens.
NicolasP Jun 25 2011 01:29 PM
The recall is coming due to a fault in the wiper motors which could potentially trigger a car accident. I found this here: Mazda recalls 400,000 cars because of wiper issues.
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