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Heico Sportiv tries to keep the Volvo XC90 fresh with a new bodykit

By Rigval on 15 Apr 2011

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Did you know that the Volvo XC90 has been in production since 2002? If you havenít then I suppose you do now. It has been a while since we heard of a vehicle staying in production longer than 5 years these days and this Volvo is an exception. It did have an interior facelift as well as a front and rear end nip/tuck too in 2007 but I suppose this isnít the same thing. If youíre in Singapore and are still waiting for a new one to replace the XC90 you bought in 2003, you may have to wait till your COE (10 year certificate of entitlement Ė for those who arenít local) to expire for the new one to arrive. This is because Volvo has pushed back the introduction of a new XC90 to 2012. So XC90 enthusiasts are stuck with the current XC90 till then. So how do you keep an old dog fresh?

You teach it new tricks. Or in the case of this Volvo, a styling update from Volvo specialist tuning firm Heico Sportiv. In the case of the post 2007 XC90 (quite unfortunate as those pre-2007 facelifted vehicles need the styling update even more), Heico Sportiv has launched a new bodykit made out of PUR-R-RIM plastic. You get a front spoiler apron and a splitter arrangement which replaces the regular central and side front bumper panels, stainless steel trim in front of the cooling air outlet below the grille, side skirts that mount over the original and a rear diffuser style attachment that proudly shows quad chrome exhaust tailpipes.

The styling kit is complemented by 20inch alloy wheels in an understated family car-like design that Iíd never think of buying. But overall the car still looks a little too conservative and does not really make the XC90 stand out. Maybe its the white with the polished chrome rims as the photo showing the rear of the XC90 features a more aggressive wheel design. But I suppose the target market for the Heico Sportiv XC90 are in fact people who use their XC90s for school runs and these people donít want children running away sobbing, in fear and afraid of crossing paths with a highly modified Volvo. Of course, such things do not happen in real life. No one these days would fear a Volvo. How I miss the days of the Volvo 850 T5R Wagon. Now THAT was a mean Volvo.

Heico Sportivís bodykit upgrade will be available for order from May 2011 at all official Heico Sportiv dealers globally.

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