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F10 BMW Concept M5 photos leaked and it reminds me of the fabulous E39 M5

By Rigval on 19 Apr 2011

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Someone has leaked photos of the upcoming 2012 F10 BMW M5. The uber 5 Series BMW Comcept M5 features a more aggressive look overall which takes a lot of styling cues from the E92 BMW M3, especially up front.

The styling features a different front bumper/spoiler, wider front wings with the now signature chrome air vents and LED driving lights up front. The rear features a redesigned bumper with the usual central diffuser setup. Everything looks lean and mean without any excessive styling like we had to witness on the E60 BMW M5. I hope that the basic design stays the same when it is officially unveiled.

The BMW Concept M5 photos was taken at a private gathering for journalists a few weeks ago and somehow, these got leaked on some BMW specific forums. Of course, nothing stays a secret for long these days. The internet ensures this happens all the time.

Most are expecting this upcoming M5 to be equipped with a twin turbocharged 4.4liter V8 engine with around 550bhp (downsized from the normally aspirated 5.0liter V10 that the E60 M5 used) and a whole lot of torque due to it being turbocharged. But for me it is the looks of the M5 Concept that is interesting. This car brings back that slender slim pillared design that classic BMWs have. It looks classic BMW, much like the first V8 powered M5, the E39 BMW M5. And THAT was a stupendous car, it had a warbling V8 and was actually looked pretty agile on the move. This was something that the E60 M5 did not have no matter how marvelous that normally aspirated 5.0liter V10 sounded like.

The F10 BMW M5 is another car that I am looking forward to as it somehow brings back what I truly like about BMWs - discreet restrained aggression. Think E39 M5, E30 M3 and the E34 M5 as well as the earlier 3.0CSL coupes from the 1970s and you'll know what I am trying to say. Of course, it also says that I totally despise the E60's styling and nearly all of the Chris Bangle designed BMWs bar the original Z4.

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sources: autocar, worldcarfans

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Written by Rigval
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