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Best Motoring's last battle sizes up serious machinery in epic battle

By ElDiablo on 22 May 2011

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Starting in 1995, the Best Motoring moniker has seen itself branding one of the most watched automotive DVD series, acclaimed for its professional and knowledgable drivers and the often insane line-up of cars battling each other for top honours.

This is no Top Gear folks. This is the real deal.[whip]

While most of us have the Youtube to thank for our Best Motoring fix, the long running program has announced that the finish line has finally approached and they’ll be calling it quits after just one more episode.

And in true fashion, they’ve possibly out-done themselves by having the craziest race line-up ever seen on your computer or television screen.

The mighty Lexus LFA lines up alongside the 2011 Nissan GTR with the rest of the grid made up of the race-inspired Ferrari F430 GT3, the ultra exclusive and insane Porsche GT2 RS and the track-tuned Corvette ZR1. That’s two almost-race-cars, three seriously fast road cars and close to 3,000 bhp between all five of them!

I’d recommend everyone watch this video full screen with the speakers up but I guess the small window below will do when you’re watching this in the office.

The race is overall pretty exciting and while the results surprised me big time (the car with the least power won), it’s a great way to see exactly how differently each car has been set-up and how that directly affects something like body-roll, which in-turn reflects adversely on their lap times.

A fitting swan song to the same guys that brought us jaw-dropping videos of a Honda NSX taking on and winning a Ferrari, attacking the Tsukuba circuit in a Mclaren F1, head-to-head battles between STI’s and Evo’s, and numerous Supercar battles featuring top names from all over the world.
So who do you think won this last epic battle?


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Written by ElDiablo
Having recently departed the automotive industry, Jegan provides an alternative view on local happenings and random international news and what it really means to us in the long run, while working hard to fulfill the life-long dream of owning a Lamborghini Diablo VT.

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Mecontle May 22 2011 09:58 PM
put tu-wu (green suit) in 5th place ferrari & see if gtr still #1, its the driver's skill here not the car spec
ElDiablo May 24 2011 12:29 PM
Ya I also think they couldn't possibly push each other to the limit cos the cars are expensive but the amount of grip the GTR has and the way the power hits the tarmac is just spectacular.
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