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New Jag XKR-S sounds like it eats other cars for fun

By ElDiablo on 14 Jun 2011

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Jag's were never really associated by the masses to have great looking car. Classic looking car's yes, with the exception of the S- and X-Type of course. But never great looking cars.

Then the XF came along and it blew everyone's minds away. Those curves on the outside and more important the magic show on the inside mesmerized anyone who sat in it, reinventing the brand overnight with a whole new brand identity. Then, bored at work they decided to cramp a tame V8 under the bonnet and called it the XF-R. That frightened enough people to see a few of them running around on our little island.

They gave the same treatment to the aging XK coupe as well, calling it the XKR.

Now though, they've taken it a step further and not knowing how else to differentiate it, they've called it the XKR (wait for it), -S. Seems like an afterthought but watch the video and feel your pulse quicken.

You've never heard and seen such a beast from Jag since the XJ220 in 1992.

In its shade of electric blue set on some very pretty gunmetal rims, you know you’re in for a great video when it starts out in the garage of a new race track; soft half-rev’s to get the point across.

Did I say soft?

The new kid on the blog has received a timely face-lift as well with the extensive use of LED technology in the front and rear light works with the cuts and gashes in the front bumper and a side gill that is only fitting for something this inspired.

With the car rolling down the pit lane keeping it’s speed in-check you notice the distinct mechanical rawness coming from the exhaust and while some might find such language unruly especially for the driver and his passenger, me and many others find it very appealing. Sexually.

The sound comes courtesy of valves in the exhaust that, in other popular sports makes like the Maserati Quattroporte and even the Audi TTRS, has a button to depress that takes the exhaust note from low and throaty to straight-out vulgar.

The reworked lump sitting under the hood is a V8 unit pushing out 542 pretty vocal horses that seem to be whipped pretty hard when you’ve got your foot down on the pedal.

I don’t know about you guys but this has to be the sexiest coupe around right now. And with 542hp listed (the XJ220 supercar had the same amount of thrust), this car’s a win for me.

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Written by ElDiablo
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