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MyCarForum members witness tarmac burning at Formula Drift 2011

By PetrolHead on 20 Jun 2011

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Not everyone has the chance to wake up on a Sunday morning knowing that he'll be witnessing the creme de la creme of drifters burning rubber on a scorching race track.Last Sunday, quite a number of people tasted that feeling. MyCarForum members had the opportunity to witness the entire Formula Drift 2011 Ė an event held at the F1 Pit Building that brings breakneck motoring enthusiasts and drift lovers together.

With a record number of 50 drivers hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand. They will be going neck-to-neck for the championship title, promising audiences a thrilling demonstration of motoring talent and prowess. The audience will also get a chance to be closer to the action than in any other type of motorsport, which made it necessary for sgCarMart to gather our members at this very special event.

Having arranged a specific meeting point for members to gather, sgCarMart was more than happy to give out our very own polo T-shirts and Formula Drift tickets for the loyal members to enjoy themselves at the Formula Drift event.

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With the decidedly scorching weather, staff of sgCarMart, together with MyCarForum members strolled down the entire road to the have a good look at what this yearís Formula Drift was all about. Apart from the accessories, the usual display of models and cars were visible. And with the sound of tyres screeching their lungs out on the blistering tarmac, this event simply cannot be mistaken for a beauty contest. Amongst the display of stunning cars were the Mitsubishi Evolution, ASX and the Volvo S60 which was also the eventís safety car.

MyCarForum members were happily seen snapping away when drivers rolled out their cars onto the track. Some were even seen standing on a higher platform just to ensure they had a better view of the cars as they drifted confidently, barely kissing the barricades at the final bend. It was a pity the members did not have the opportunity to have access to the pit lanes. We reckon it is experiences like these that will enable enthusiasts like our members to have a better understanding of the sport itself.

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Among the pro drifters that audiences got to see were Malaysiaís Ariff Johanis, Japanís Dai Yoshihara and Ken Gushi.

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