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Bored of generic car movies?

By ElDiablo on 31 Jul 2011

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Personally I’ve been well over all that Fast and Furious movies that have come after the first one made it to the big screen. I watched that movie a record 19 times back when I was in Secondary school – albeit myself on a VCD. I never caught another installment.

Before that I was absolutely hooked onto Gone in 60 second, a movie in my opinion had perfectly cast the residing hairline and almost bankrupt actor himself, Nicolas Cage, as an ex-criminal turned good only to get back into the groove of boosting cars with his old crew to save the life of his brother.

Sure there was the Transporter series but somehow these car movies always started out great but had such ridiculous and boring installments that it just killed the excitement I had for car flicks.

Then in the last year I managed to catch three iconic car flicks that every auto nut shouldn’t be caught saying they never saw – Bullitt (1968), Le Mans (1971) and Grand Prix (1966).
All three of these films would leave you glued to the screen no matter how old you are. If you’re a true aficionado, these movies will touch you beyond your age group.

So funny how I’d come online today and stumble upon a trailer for a new automotive-charged movie.

It’s called Drive and while it might sound strikingly similar to the game Driver, the story is somewhat comparable as well with a Hollywood stuntdriver moonlighting as a wheelman, known well for his abilities in handling any kind of machine with an engine in it, working on contract with various groups of people, both good and bad.

He moves into a new apartment, starts getting close to his neighbour and ends up using his skills to save his and their lives after he finds out there’s been a contract on him after a heist gone wrong. Somewhere in the script there’s the complication of his neighbour having an ex-con as a husband but I’m sure you’d rather find out how that plays in when you see the show.

Oddly I’m extremely excited about seeing this. Somehow reeks of Gone in 60 seconds goodness!

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Written by ElDiablo
Having recently departed the automotive industry, Jegan provides an alternative view on local happenings and random international news and what it really means to us in the long run, while working hard to fulfill the life-long dream of owning a Lamborghini Diablo VT.

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