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Audi Sportscar Experience

By BenCee on 24 Sep 2011

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Attending a trackday is not something most Singaporeans get to do everyday, unless one is fairly well-off and is able to make multiple trips up north to sastify their inner racing desire.

So when Audi arranged for its Driving Experience track day at Sepang during the Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race 2011 weekend, with the Audi R8 V10 no less, there was much excitement going around.

The privileged media were given the opportunity to explore the Sepang track, under the guidance of Audi's training instructors, which included Le Mans winner Marco Werner, former Porsche Carrera Cup Asia champion Daryl O'Young, and a familiar face, Top Gear Australia host Steve Pizzati.

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There was to be a planned morning session, where the instructors guided the participants to various driving techniques as well as learning the lines of the Sepang Circuit. Unfortunately, just as the sessions were to begin, the weather opened up and poured down.

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Nevertheless, after waiting a while for the rain to let up, the lessons continued, albeit a bit more carefully.

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Thankfully, the sun came out in the afternoon, and so the event was back in full force.

To briefly summarise, each participant were first taken out on a taxi ride in the new Audi R8 GT, driven by either Marco Werner or Daryl O'Young.

Subsequently, we were divided into groups, and were led out onto different sections of the tracks, to learn the various lines, apexes and braking points of the Sepang circuit.

Following a short break, the teams were then now led out by the instructors' car for a full hot lap of the circuit.

Each member in the group of four were given the chance to 'lead' the pack at least once, to fully utilise the skills picked up earlier in the day.

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What surprised me was that there was at least three sessions of circuit lapping, with each session consisting of about four laps each.

So that meant that we drove the R8 V10 at full speed around Sepang for at least 12 laps.

In the blazing Malaysian heat, it really sapped whatever energy you had, especially when you are concentrating fully on controlling the car at high speed.

Fun it might be, but it was also extremely exhausting.

But given the choice, I have absolutely no doubt that I will do it again.

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