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Leaked images of the FT-86

By FaezClutchless on 30 Oct 2011

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It will be slightly just over a month to go before Toyota shows the world (at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show) its new sports car, the FT-86 and images of it has already leaked on the internet. No one can be sure whether these images are real or not. But whatever it is, let us enjoy and take a closer look of the purportedly finished product.

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Let’s start with some images of the concept (pictured above) which was first leaked on the internet in 2009. It shows the car in an almost ready production form except for the interior, in my opinion. The interior’s dashboard and seats looks too conceptual and it is something not practical for Toyota to include in production.

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Now, let’s compare the concept car with the newly leaked photos. The headlights are definitely different. It is bigger in surface size and less triangular in shape, making it less aggressive and ordinary looking. The LED strip just next to the headlights has been omitted out. The air vents below the headlights are now much bigger and what looks like fog lights are situated at the top of both air vents.

The central area of the front bumper appears to be sharper and less rounded, giving it a more aggressive and sportier look. A metallic strip adorns the two front side fenders, something more common among continental cars.

At the rear, the new photos show that the whole styling has changed. First, the length of the rear boot is a little longer. The sharp edged lip at the top of the rear boot has been left out. Even the tail lights have received major changes. All the previous rear lights (brake, signal and reverse) are clustered into one red assembly. The new rear lights cluster are more modern looking and it is enclosed in a clear assembly.

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The new interior looks less conceptual and more production ready. The sport seats are laid out with a velvety looking material and with red stitching. A variety of switches and knobs are located on the centre console. Modern, sportier gauges gives the car a complete sporty appearance. The air-con vents looks exactly like the ones on the T23 Celica.

The image below shows the car fitted with a Modellista bodykit.

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It has been more than 10 years since Toyota released a sports coupe, which was the T23 Celica. I feel excited when I see these pictures and I believe all JDM fans feel the same way too and can’t wait for Toyota to release the official product. The only thing that is still a mystery is the model name that Toyota is going to use.

Photo credit: Farmofminds and netcarshow.com

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