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British sports car manufacturers revival

By FaezClutchless on 05 Dec 2011

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Nowadays when you hear the phrase “British sports car manufacturers” the names that first come to your head will be Lotus, Jaguar and/or Aston Martin. These three British automakers are the more well known ones and they are still in the business of mass producing sports cars.

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What if I asked you whether have you heard of a British sports car company named Atalanta Motors? Of course you would have answered no. Even I, myself have not heard about this particular automaker. After some research on the internet, I found out more about this short-lived sports car manufacturer who is going to make a comeback and also other several British automakers that will be going down the same route.

Atalanta Motors was an upmarket sports tourer builder from England. They lasted from 1937 to 1939 and the reason why they had to close down was due to the start of the Second World War. In the two years of manufacturing, the company has produced cars with modern features ahead of its time. Some of the technologies equipped were fully independent suspension coil springs, adjustable dampers, hydraulic brakes, semi-auto transmission and twin spark cylinder heads.

A 1939 review of their cars even claimed that it was beyond criticism and the cars had racing car qualities when cornering. The car was good enough to win the 1939 Welsh Rally which proves the company’s excellent craftsmanship before the war stopped their production.

Fast forward to 2011, Atalanta Motors has big plans to revive its brand name. They will use the company’s timeless British design and update it with modern standards of safety, performance and reliability. The company will use their 1938 Le Mans car as a start into their working prototype which they will reveal in the first quarter of next year.

Atalanta Motors is not the only British automaker revival. Lagonda (which is owned by Aston Martin) reportedly have several design prototypes in the works. A new start-up, Eterniti Motors plans to have a luxury line of vehicles in the next few years. And lastly, I recently posted an article about TVR reviving their sports car manufacturing business although it won’t be UK based.

It appears to me that the British automaker industry is heading for a resurgence and only time will tell what is in store for consumers.

TVR back in business article

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