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Team BMW @ Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) race pack collection

By SYF77 on 07 Dec 2011

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BMW is one of the co-sponsor of the SCMS 2011. As a participant, I went down to Marina Bay Sands to collect my race entry pack. The BMW booth was beaming with activities. Among many others, there were video games and a board game whereby the participant has to maneuver a table tennis ball within a restricted path. BMW staffs were also distributing balloons to the visitors.

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However, what I appreciate most is the race gift pack that BMW has prepared for all runners who had registered with Team BMW. Although I am a registered runner, I was unable to join them for their training runs due to time constraint. However, I was still entitled to the gift pack. (By the way, I was still serviced with a smile although I was wearing a Volkswagen Group Polo T.)
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Allow me to commend on the box prior to the contents. The box was constructed with the same high standard as the BMW automobiles. It comes with a slit that allows the box to be opened side way but at the same time has a built-in stopper that prevents the inner box from being removed completely. The design is quite thoughtful and reminds me of a mooncake container. The box contains a cap, wrist band, race belt and the best of all, a dri-fit T shirt. A generous gift pack from the German automaker indeed.
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BMW also distributed postcards to the runners to keep them informed of another upcoming BMW event, which is held from 12 to 18 Dec 11 at Suntec Singapore. Titled “BMW Fascination Roadshow”, the event will highlight the latest BMW innovations and features the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept car together with the latest BMW models such as the 1 Series.
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Below are some miscellaneous shots at the BMW booth at Marina Bay Sands.
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