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Nissan GTR R35’s carbon fibre diet

By FaezClutchless on 13 Dec 2011

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Since its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007, the R35 GTR has captivated many, even non-JDM fans. Many have commented that it is this generation’s JZA80 Toyota Supra, already good in stock condition and capable of unleashing much more horsepower when modified and it is reasonably priced too.

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Since some people were to compare the R35 GTR with the fourth generation Supra, then it is fair to say that it would be quite impossible to find one that is left “unmolested”. From its release until today, many have gone down the route of modifying it, usually performance wise. A custom remodelling company in the United States are going down the same route that many have gone through.

The name of that company is Hot Rods and Hobbies which is located in California, USA. When you hear the words “hot rods”, you would not associate it with custom building of GTRs. Basically the company’s main business is to restore and/or custom build hot rods but they have done other cars as well such as Porsche and Ferrari.

Around three months ago, the company took a rather stock GTR and started replacing whatever panel they could with carbon fibre. They even replaced interior panels with custom built carbon fibre ones. All of these replacement works are pretty normal for weight saving measures. But what the company owner Scott Bonowski and his men did next was something rather unique.

They began cutting up the roof and replaced it with a carbon fibre one, custom made by another company, AMS. According to AMS, the replacement roof has no structural rigidity loss. Other replacement carbon fibre parts were acquired from Mine’s. After all the bodywork is completed, the car went for a paint job in an OEM colour and it was the most difficult job according to Bonowski.

The GTR received some engine upgrades from Mine’s as well, generating around 600bhp. Several visits were made by Mine’s chief engineer to fine tune the upgraded engine. Mine’s products such as suspension, brake kit and wheels were also fitted to the car.

The pursuit of making a performance car even better than its original condition has been the passion of many and to approach it with a lightweight body and mild engine tuning is probably one of the safest way without putting too much stress on the car’s engine and transmission.

Photo credit: Jalopnik and Net Car Show

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