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Leaked brochure images of next-gen Mercedes SL

By FaezClutchless on 21 Dec 2011

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Mercedes-Benz has been manufacturing the SL-Class for almost sixty years. The first generation replaced the Mercedes Gullwing in 1954 and the modelís fifth and current generation appeared in 2003 and it received a facelift in 2008. Mercedes-Benz has been aggressively releasing new models for their other cars and the fifth-gen SL-Class is beginning to look out-dated.

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Mercedes-Benz did announced that a new-gen SL-Class will be released soon and many of us would have already seen heavily camouflaged images of the car being tested. Now just before weeks ahead of unveiling the new SL model, leaked brochure images of it has surfaced on the World Wide Web.

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The four images donít look like they are rendered images or photoshopped. It is highly possible that they are from a real brochure that will be used during SL-Class's unveiling announcement. They show the front, rear and also part of the car's interior.

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Mercedes-Benz did not reveal much about the car except for one thing, the car's aluminium bodyshell. The bodyshell is made out of 89% aluminium and it provides a significant weight saving of between 125kg - 140kg (depends on sub-model) over the current car.

Mercedes is also tight-lipped with regards to the engine that will be used on the new SL but it is rumoured that the firm will use its new 4.6-litre twin turbo V8. An AMG version is also rumoured to be in the pipeline and it will be powered by a 5.5-litre twin turbo V8.

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Mercedes Benz's Magic Vision Control technology will be introduced on the new SL-Class. This piece of automotive technology replaces a conventional windshield washing system with water jets that are integrated into the windshield wipers. The water jets line both sides of the wiper and this ensure that every stroke of the wiper is cleans the windshield thoroughly. On top of that, the system also includes a heater that will break snow or ice during really freezing temperatures (definitely will not be included in our local models).

Another new feature of the upcoming SL-Class is known as the FrontBass. It is designed to provide crisp bass sounds even when the top is lowered. The design uses the empty cavities in the front footwells of the car for the bass loud speakers. According to Mercedes-Benz, moving the carís speakers to the footwells creates a more ideal acoustic condition.

Photo credit: Left Lane News

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