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Toyota is gearing up for a sporty comeback

By FaezClutchless on 22 Dec 2011

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Ever since the release of the Toyota 86, many rumours have surfaced which mentioned about Toyota’s projection towards a sporty comeback. If you were to look at Toyota’s (and its other sub-brands) last few sports models, you can see that production of those cars ended around 5 years ago. And during those 5 years, we were fed with beige looking cars from them.

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But after the release of the 86, there are more news about Toyota testing new sports models and, even Lexus has teased us with a conceptual image of a new sports model that is purportedly going to be the new Lexus SC. I will get back later in the article about the Lexus teaser image and we will go straight into the two new sports models that Toyota are testing.

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Toyota’s R&D in Japan are testing a hybrid 3.5 litre V6 engine that is said to generate over 400bhp and it is fitted on to a car that closely resembles the FT-HS concept that was released a few years back. The rear wheel drive car is rumoured to not only rival but also targets the Nissan GTR’s performance.

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Another car that is in the works as well is a four wheel drive coupe that is heavily based on GRMN’s four wheel drive coupe concept (pictured above). And it is also known that Toyota will fit the same abovementioned engine into this car for testing matters.

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Lexus has released a teaser image (pictured above) of a new concept that will be released in the upcoming 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Of course, Lexus will not reveal more about it and many have speculated that it will be a sports model which might be the new Lexus SC although some have said that it is going to be the new Lexus IS. We just have to wait and see how this will turn out.

The approval for the FT-HS based test subject has gone thorough but it all depends on the demands of the Toyota 86 (and also Scion FR-S). If there is enough demand for Toyota’s new sports model, then it will get the green light as a production model. This particular test subject might resurrect the Supra name.

As for the GRMN based test subject, Toyota have made more effort in readying this model for a 2014 launch. The GRMN concept coupe resembles the Toyota MR-S and Toyota might resurrect that model name.

Photo credit: Net Car Show and Motor Authority

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