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Car art sculptures

By FaezClutchless on 05 Jan 2012

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One day I was reading an American travel website and I saw one of the most famous car art sculptures in the world. The art sculpture is known as the Cadillac Ranch. I have already knew about this particular art sculpture in the past as I have seen pictures of it in a magazine a few years ago but I do not know much details about it and I wish to share with everyone here.

Attached Image: cadillac_ranch_travelpoddotcom.jpg

As I was searching the internet about the Cadillac Ranch, I came across two more car art installations that I find rather interesting and unique. One is the Carhenge and the other is the Spindle. Let’s start with the Cadillac Ranch first.

The Cadillac Ranch is one of the most famous car art sculptures in the world. Not only it is featured in automotive websites or articles but also in travel and holidays articles too. It is located in Amarillo, Texas, USA. It was created in 1974 by three artists who were part of an art group known as Art Farm. It consisted of several models of the Cadillac; starting from the “tail fin” model.

Attached Image: cadillac_ranch_everywheremagdotcom.jpg

The cars are buried front-first and half-way through; with an angle that is similar to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. In 1997, the cars were moved three kilometres away from the original site. This was done in order to place it further away from the growing city limits. The site is owned by a local millionaire by the name of Stanley Marsh 3 who was also the sponsor for the Cadillac Ranch.

Even though the installation is placed on private property, people are invited to visit the site and encouraged to vandalise the cars. The cars have been painted several times and usually the fresh paint job doesn’t even last more than twenty four hours.

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The next car art installation is known as the Spindle. It was created in 1989 by an artist named Dustin Shuler and it is located in Berwyn, Illinois, USA. Shuler used a fifty feet spindle (or spike) and impaled eight cars into it. It was originally commissioned by a shopping centre owner who donated his BMW to be placed on the sculpture.

Attached Image: spindle2_flickrdotcom.jpg

The cars that were used were (from top); a red 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, a silver 1976 BMW (the shopping centre owner’s car), a blue 1981 Ford Escort, a green early 1970s Mercury Capri, a white 1978 Ford Mustang, a maroon 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix, a light yellow 1979 Ford LTD and a black 1979 Mercury Grand Marquis.

Sadly, this sculpture was demolished in May 2008 due to the development of a new departmental store.

Attached Image: Carhenge_bizarrebytesdotcom.jpg

Lastly, the third car art sculpture is known as the Carhenge which is located in Alliance, Nebraska, USA. The name may sound familiar to some as it is the replica of the famous historic monument Stonehenge in England, UK. The difference is that this art installation uses cars instead of rectangular stones.

Attached Image: carhenge_madsilencedotwordpressdotcom.jpg

Jim Reinders built the Carhenge as a memorial to his father and when he lived in England, he studied the Stonehenge which helped Reinders in building it. The sculpture is made mainly out of vintage American cars and it is spray painted in grey, to follow the colour of the Stonehenge monument.

Attached Image: carhenge_panoramiodotcom.jpg

This three car art sculptures are a good visit for those who intends to travel to the States but sadly, the Spindle sculpture has since been demolished and only the other two can serve as a holiday memory.

Photo credit: bylandseaorair.com, everywheremag.com, travelpod.com, bizarrebytes.com, madsilence.wordpress.com, panoramio.com and flickr.com

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