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Rare Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia Cabriolet found

By FaezClutchless on 27 Jan 2012

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Vehicle barn finds are getting common nowadays. Usually it would be an old ordinary car, nothing special and sometimes it could be an old vintage that can fetch thousands of dollars after getting it restored. But this barn find is somewhat special as the car found was a rare 1952 Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia Cabriolet.

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A scale model of the car.

The Ferrari 212 Inter was built from late 1950 to 1953 and only 79 units were ever produced. The 212 Inter came at the time when Ferrari was moving towards production made cars. The 212 Inter models were built by 8 different coachbuilders and one of them was Italian automotive and coachbuilding design firm Carrozzeria Ghia. This particular one has a Ghia grille but judging from the body, it could be from another different builder and the hood is also different.

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A coupe version of the car.

This car was recently found during an estate sale by a man from Michigan, USA named Bobby Goins. The car was found under a huge stack of boxes and Goins could only see the Ferrari emblem. He wasn’t sure of the model and its potential value and the only thing he could think of at that time was that the car was a very old model, judging from the overall shape.

According to a rumour going around on a Ferrari owner’s forum, the previous owner of the car purchased it a garage sale forty years ago. At that time, the car had a hand written cardboard “For Sale” sign placed at the car. Written on it was; “For Sale, One of a kind 1953 Ferrari, alum body, V engine, tri-power, 4-speed, $600.” The 212 Inter was powered by a 2.6 litre V12 engine, fitted with 3 Weber carburettors and generated around 165bhp.

After removing the massive amount of boxes that was covering the car, Goins did a thorough check on the car. From the car’s chassis number, it was later found out that this car was displayed at the 1952 Geneva Motor Show. The car is almost 90% original except for the Corvette engine under the front hood. But after some intense search, he found the original engine in Wisconsin.

Bobby Goins did not reveal how much he has paid for the car and he recently sold the car to a Ferrari collector for US$150,000. The new owner told Goins that he will restore the car to its original state and intends to showcase it at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2013.

Photo credit: Auto Blog, ferrarimodelsclub.it and finecars.cc

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