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Lamborghini’s SUV pictures leaked into the internet

By FaezClutchless on 06 Feb 2012

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Sometime back in October I wrote about Lamborghini's venture into the non-sports car market and its plans to introduce a third model so as to accompany its two other models which is the Gallardo and the Aventador. What is not known at that time is what type of car Lamborghini is going to come up with.

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Initial rumours were pointing at the Estoque Concept Car as the third model; mainly because high performance four-door sedans are the “in thing” right now. But when these pictures emerged (taken from an Italian automotive magazine) on the internet, it surprised some people (including me) that Lamborghini is stepping back into an all familiar territory.

Many of us will still remember the LM002 SUV that Lamborghini produced during the 1980s. The car wasn’t a popular choice for off-road buyers. Even though it had a rather powerful engine but its heavy kerb weight kind of dragged it down. After the company stopped producing the LM002, many would believe that Lamborghini would never venture into the SUV market segment again.

But that seems not to be the case right now as photos of a Lamborghini SUV has surfaced on the internet. These photos were taken from an Italian automotive magazine and the car shows traditional design cues of a Lamborghini vehicle. From the front fascia up to the 'Aventador-ish' rear lights.

Also stated, Lamborghini will showcase the car at the Beijing Motor Show this year and the Estoque Concept might not be produced. There are also some speculations on what type of engine the Italian company will use. One of them is the Gallardo’s V10 engine that’s good for around 570bhp.

Another engine purportedly is a hybrid variant. With a combination of the internal combustion motor and an electric one; this set-up will deliver around 700bhp, somewhere in the Aventador region. The car will obviously have a 4x4 configuration and reportedly, its transmission will be from Audi.

The market segment for SUVs is growing rapidly and this could be the reason why Lamborghini is venturing into it. The question I would ask is will Lamborghini lose its exclusiveness as a luxury automaker? Because I foresee that they might become a generic auto company just like its parent company.

Photo credit: GT Spirit

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