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Century Battery Assist over in the Klang Valley, Malaysia

By Rigval on 10 Feb 2012

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This is a little 'public service announcement' for those motorists from the Lion City who frequent the Klang Valley area in Malaysia. Those that aren't sure what the Klang Valley area it can be said that it includes Selayang/Rawang to the North, Gombak/Ampang to the East, Kajang/Serdang/Puchong to the South and Shah Alam/Klang to the South. So if your car battery goes bust over there especially during odd hours one can call the mobile battery assist service conducted by Century Monolite Battery Malaysia Sdn Bhd ('Century Batteries'). This is a battery brand/company that has been in the battery business in Malaysia for over 40 years. The Century Battery Assist service provides Klang Valley motorists a convenience that a when a motorist gets stricken by the sudden demise of their car battery they can dial a toll free number at 1-800-BATTERY (22-88379). That's 1-800-22-88379 for those who can't decypher what 'BATTERY' stands for.

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Such a service would basically give the consumer less worries as it provides free delivery and installation 24/7, 365 days a year within the Klang Valley by decent and friendly looking chaps on motorcycles. Now this service is applicable to all motorists and not limited to users of Century batteries. This means that you can have your ABCD Branded battery battery die on you and still call Century Battery Assist at any time anywhere in the Klang Valley. Great isn't it? It also means that you could be stuck at your hotel in the middle of the night and still get a battery.

The Century maintenance batteries sold, delivered and installed by this service have nationwide warranty. Once the battery assist staff arrives, he will perform a complimentary check on the car charging system to make sure that the alternator is working. Plugging in a new battery will still not solve anything if the car has a faulty charging system. If that is so, they also provide a service by recommending towing or workshop services if and when required.

The Century maintenance free batteries provided in this service scheme is the Century Marathon battery, which is Century Batteries' mid-tier battery out of a line-up of three. But one should also note that this service is a cash on delivery (COD) service – this means you should have cash in hand ( in Malaysian Ringgit) or you should make your way to the nearest ATM or you could try begging someone for cash if its in the middle of the night.

But do note that the company provides only batteries that regular cars use. Those that use certain European make cars especially from Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz may not be able to utilise such a service as these cars usually require batteries that aren't in the usual NS40, NS60/70, DIN55/66/88 batteries. These are batteries usually made by Varta and have serial numbers which you have to key into the car's ECU to get it to work. So tough luck if your car battery conks out in the middle of the night (usually it doesn't as these batteries are huge and usually last about 3 years from experience).

So anyway, if you do get stuck in the Klang Valley with a normal (usually the common Japanese, Malaysian or Korean car) you may not worry too much as there is a service that will deliver a battery to you.

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