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Mini releases photos of its Clubvan Concept

By FaezClutchless on 25 Feb 2012

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Back in early January of this year, I wrote about Mini’s plans of releasing a new model at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show to revive the Mini Van. It will be based on the Mini Clubman and initially known as the Mini Cargo. But Mini has tweaked the model name and now it will be called the Mini Clubvan.

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The Clubvan is still based on the Clubman’s underpinnings and judging from the photos, it does look like the Clubman but with several major differences. Mini has replaced the side windows with an opaque panel and limited the car to two seats. With the rear row of seats removed, a potential Clubvan owner is able to use the car for carrying goods or equipment. Rather essential for those who runs a small scale business.

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The cargo load area starts from the rear split doors and extends all the way to the partition grille. The totally flat floor level makes full use of the interior volume and this has allowed the Clubvan’s load capacity to exceed the Clubman’s. Not much space if someone was to compare it with other commercial vans but Mini has stressed that the Clubvan is a compact lifestyle van meant for business and/or leisure.

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Recessed in the compartment floor are six attachment loops that use elasticised straps to hold items of various length, height and width. This will minimise the items from sliding around and the partition grille ensures that items at the load compartment does not enter the front area. The load area’s sidewalls and floor are wrapped in an anthracite-coloured fabric. The roof liner which extends throughout the whole roof interior comes in the same colour fabric.

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When it comes to the number and type of doors, the Clubvan is similar to the car that it is based on. The front driver and passenger area gets the normal two doors, at the rear there are two side-hinged doors and a rear-hinged Clubman-styled door on the right which allows more comfortable access to the rear load area. This door gives the owners an easy task of loading and unloading smaller items from the back.

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The rather ample load space can be configured to personal requirements. For example, tools and equipments can be stored neatly in made to measure drawers or shelves. This custom made storing compartments will place those items in a secured manner. On top of this, there’s also a 12 volt socket at the rear for additional practicality.

The concept will feature a British Racing Green paint work and a hand-applied graphics of a sign design company form the United Kingdom. In a way, Mini is trying to show how the car will look like for business owners and the car will go into production if it attracts enough interest in Geneva next month.

Photo credit: Net Car Show

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