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AC Schnitzer upgrades the F30 BMW 3series

By Rigval on 29 Feb 2012

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The newly launched F30 BMW 3series is bound to be a hit among most young (and not so young) urban professional. A lot equate the 3series as a symbol of success, good taste (subjective) and a sign that they are motoring enthusiasts. Those that buy the basic BMW 3series like the 320i or the 320d are usually those that also dream of owning an M3, or even if they do not actually want a M3, want their BMW 3 series to look much faster than what it usually is. This usually means a body kit by the usual suspects one of which is famed BMW tuner AC Schnitzer.

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AC Schnitzer has announced that their new program for the BMW 3series will be initially previewed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. From what we know so far the initial tuning program is still limited to making the BMW 3series look only slightly better than what it is and nothing underneath the bonnet for the moment aside from a performance exhaust system.

I say 'only slightly' better because from the pictures it looks like a normal BMW 3series with a little bit of eyeliner, fake eyelashes and a little blusher on the cheeks. It isn't like one with the full monty i.e it doesn't have a massive David Coulthard's chin front spoiler, a Jennifer Lopez-like rear bumper/diffuser setup and/or a whale tail of a rear wing. Maybe less is more.

And so AC Schnitzer's F30 BMW 3series has a decently sized bodykit, a sports exhaust system and the usual array of AC Schnitzer alloy wheels in 18, 19 and 20 inch sizes. The interior also gets some sprucing up, although I think the F30's interior is already very good looking with any upgrades. Customers can opt for a sport steering wheel, aluminium pedals, thick velour floor mats and sport gear knobs.

The performance part is still limited to a sports exhaust system (as stated above) as AC Schnitzer is still in the midst of developing their own set of suspension packages as well as other engine performance parts and engine tuning.

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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