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AC Schnitzer upgrades the BMW M5 F10 - 612bhp and an ugly GT Wing

By Rigval on 09 Mar 2012

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The new F10 BMW M5 is a 4 door super car. This basically sums up the newly launched M Division BMW 5 series in one sentence. It has 552bhp in its standard form and it already looks DaBomb, if one were to use a little street talk, in its stock form. It already has its full colours shown with its aggressive bodykit, wheels and fat taippipes. But this actually does not stop tuners from having a go at it and AC Schnitzer has basically done so with the AC Schnitzer ACS5 BMW M5 F10.

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What comes out of this is some 'aero' tuning and a power upgrade package. In terms of power or performance, the ACS5 M5 gets a 60bhp upgrade bringing the power up to 612bhp from 552bhp. Torque is bumped up from 750Nm to 790Nm. Another upgrade is that the stock speed limited it upped from about 260km/h to around 305km/h. The ACS5 looks promsing. Until I saw the photo of it with a boy-racer GT wing. Why may I ask is it doing on a car like this?

I somehow wonder why would anyone run a GT wing on a car that isn't an actual race car and one that is actually too big to actually go racing. If you've ever sat in the F10 5 series you'd know that it it actually as large as the interior of a F01 BMW 7series. This is because the F10's chassis is based on the F01's chassis. Hence the luxury of space inside one. The only race that the car could enter safely and not look like a sore thumb or like Lady Gaga at an awards ceremony is at the Australia V8 supersaloon races.

Anyway, the car is a grown man's sports saloon and it should not have goalposts sticking out of it. Also note that AC Schnitzer has not really gone overboard with the exception of the rear GT wing. And they have also shown the car san wing, making it look very much like the stock car with the exception of the larger wheels ans tyres and that ridiculous stickers at the sides of the car. It shows that the standard BMW M5 looks pretty good as it is and does not need any extra help in the styling department.

I however do dig that funky engine cover that could be an option for a customer to purchase.

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