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Mercedes Benz confirms an A-Class AMG

By FaezClutchless on 22 Jun 2012

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With the recent launch of the next generation Mercedes Benz A-Class (pictured above), Mercedes Benz is serious in getting into the luxury hatchback market segment and the German automaker’s previous offerings in that segment was nothing much to shout about.

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With the luxury hatchback territory, there is the high-end hot hatch segment where other German rivals already have their hands in it. Audi has the RS3 and BMW is coming out with their M135i. And now, Mercedes Benz is getting their hands into the luxury hot hatch market segment with an A-Class AMG.

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Mercedes Benz is preparing to launch a new A 45 AMG early next year to take on the likes of the RS3 and the M135i. The heavily disguised car you see in the photos here is supposedly the car going through some tests. Specific power figures were not revealed but it is rumoured to be around 370bhp with 406Nm of torque.

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All that power will come from a new engine. It is a 2.0-litre twin scroll turbocharged engine with the codename M133 and it is based loosely on the Daimler 2.0-litre turbocharged unit.

If those figures are accurate, that would mean the M133 has the greatest true series-production power-per-litre rating in the world. This is the first AMG engine not built at Affalterbach, but at Daimler's state-of-the-art four-cylinder assembly plant at Kolleda, but the "one man, one engine" approach remains unchanged.

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The drivetrain for the A 45 AMG is rumoured to be a strengthened seven speed dual clutch transmission and this transmission is also said to be used on a future small crossover based on the modular chassis beneath the A and B-Class ranges.

This transmission will be mated to an all wheel drive system and it is possible that it would not be the company's 4Matic system. Instead, it will be aided by a hang-on rear differential. But you can switch off the ESP completely and have a solid Sport rear bias. The challenge for all this dynamically will be the projected 60 percent of total weight resting over the front axle, 60 percent of around 1500 kilograms.

Officials at AMG has revealed that the tachometer redline is at 6,300 rpm and there will also be an optional Driver Package that will let the top speed go to 280km/hr versus the stock 250km/hr. The pricing of the car will be competitive with the BMW M135i.

Photo credit: Net Car Show and Auto Blog

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Written by FaezClutchless
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THomus Aug 27 2012 03:50 PM
Good looking car, when Mercedes will launch the A-Class AMG ?
It little bit look like Volkswagen but some typical design of Mercedes it identify the difference.
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