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Sierra Glow Car paint protection

By PetrolHead on 20 Oct 2012

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The Car Paint Solution

Cars are expensive. To protect our investment, we make sure our car is in good running order by regularly taking it to the workshop for tune-ups, oil changes and repairs. We also spend a lot of money and time to ensure that our cars are in 'showroom condition'. We wash and wax it - really wanting it to shine, to sparkle and to be noticed. Unfortunately, in taking care of both the paint and the shine, we often cause damage and deteriorate the sparkle.

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The Elements and Car Wax

The quality of the shine will, naturally, affect the overall presentation of the car. Obviously, it is the paint that is most exposed to harsh environmental elements. The damages to paint from rain that is acidic, dust particles that stick to the car surface, and UV rays which speed up oxidation are real. These elements can ruin paint and shine quickly if one doesn't protect the paint. Most car owners' solution to maintaining the shine turns out to cause even more damage.

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SierraGlow - Glass coating protection

One brand that utilises such paint protection technology is SierraGlow. As opposed to other products in the market, the company's offering - Glassglow - contains 95% Silica (one of the highest concentration in the market), which makes it comparatively more durable than those formed by other glass type coating materials. Besides providing extensive protection capabilities, the layer's high water and dirt repelling properties imply that owners will have an easier time cleaning up the car thereafter - a mild water bath will suffice for regular maintenance.

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What is the difference?

SierraGlow is truly unique with its formula. Although the compound, Glassglow, is primarily silica, it is inert and inorganic. Why is this important? Organic materials, by definition, contain carbon, and carbon will react and interact with weather elements. So, acid rain, UV sunrays, bird dung or car shampoo will all interact with organic silica coatings. These compounds on the car paint will slowly deteriorate and dissipate. These organic compounds will need to be reapplied, and most companies selling these compounds will tell you to bring the car back every year or even 6 months for a "refinishing".

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Unlike other companies, SierraGlow's Glassglow is 100% inorganic and has the highest concentration of 95% of silica in the market. Hence, it will not deteriorate as quick. Since its inorganic compound does not interact with the standard paint threats, GlassGlow stays on the car. Even after each wash, your car's shine will stay. It is, thus, vital to ask before you select: Is the compound organic or inorganic?

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Advantages of using SierraGlow

One big advantage of using SierraGlow is not just their inorganic GlassGlow, but the compounds that they use to prepare your car for the GlassGlow application. They may spend 3 to 8 hours to complete the paint preparation, as any house owner knows, it is the foundation that is the most important and takes the longest to build. Before GlassGlow is applied, they thoroughly clean and buff the paint.

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It is crucial to restore the surface to clean and smooth paint before applying GlassGlow. They use clay bars and the latest sponge or lamb's wool orbital buffers from Japan in preparing the paint. More notably, they use their own polishing/buffing compounds called TC Hard, TC Round, TC Combo, TC All or TC Finish. Each of these compounds is specially formulated for variety in paint hardness, the depth of surface scratches and general paint restoration.

These compounds are unique and not sold on the open market as they were specifically designed for SierraGlow and its GlassGlow application.

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In SierraGlow's inventory are additional great car care products which also boast extraordinary cutting edge technology, namely the SierraWash and SierraBead. For instance, SierraWash is a car washing agent with a neutral pH value to ensure that there is no 'chemical attack' on the paintwork.

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SierraBead on the other hand, maintains a high water paint surface runoff, hence, reducing the occurrence of water spots, and renewing the glow and water repellence of Glassglow. In addition, SierraBead works well with all colours, and is suitable for use on different materials such as glass, aluminium and galvanised steel.

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While setting its emphasis strongly on product development to ensure maximum efficiency, SierraGlow's products are also environmentally friendly. They do not contain any volatile organic compound (VOC) and do not disrupt any environmental hormones.

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Under the SierraGlow program, all cars will be warranted against disintegration of the Glassglow layer for three years. You only require one application for a shine that will last for years. Every application will come with a serial number and proof of warranty for authentication purpose.

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For a limited time only, the package will come with a free 3M Scotchgard internal grooming service. Furthermore, all sgCarMart users will enjoy 15% discount when booking online with SierraGlow, simply by quoting 'sgcar108'.

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For more information on service booking and product, please visit http://www.sierraglow.sg/.

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