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Ferrari culminates 20th anniversary celebration in China with a parade

By SYF77 on 26 Nov 2012


To celebrate Ferrari’s 20 years of existence in the Chinese market, the supercar maker hosted a list of events since early 2012. The celebration ended recently with a parade of Ferrari cars from a local showroom in Guangzhou to the Haixinsha stadium.

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The event was attended by some 250,000 Ferrari fans. Ferrari chariman, Luca di Montezemolo, flew in to join in the celebration. Well, I guess he has to be around to show his appreciation for the Chinese market, which is Ferrari’s second largest market, just falling behind the U.S.

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Ferrari sold 500 cars in China in 2011 and sales is reaching more than 700 units in 2012 at the moment.

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"It has been a marvellous day of celebrations", commented Luca di Montezemolo. "With many enthusiasts, a lot of young people and the city full of Ferrari flags. This has been the best demonstration yet of what the Prancing Horse represents in China – not just from a commercial point of view, but above all else for the Chinese people’s passion for Ferrari". Ferrari also took the opportunity to showcase the F12 Berlinetta, Ferrari’s most powerful road-legal vehicle to date.

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The celebration at Haixinsha stadium looks like national day celebration with flashing lights, cheerleaders and performance. Ferrari must have planned a hefty budget for the event but it is all worth it as China is a major cash cow for the Italian brand.

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