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Road Safety is for Everyone

By Blogger on 24 Mar 2010

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I received a mailer from the Security Department the other day. Basically, it reminded everyone to cross the roads properly and detailed an accident that took place several weeks ago. A pedestrian had gotten knocked down and suffered minor injuries. The clincher? He had been reading his emails on his phone while crossing the road!

Now, I had heard rumours of the accident on the grapevine on the day of the accident and when I passed the rumoured accident scene, I saw collateral damage to bollards along the road side. The car must have been damaged pretty bad, trying to avoid the pedestrian.

That really got me thinking. Assuming (and I am really assuming here) that my postulation about the accident is correct. The driver is more or less innocent of any wrong doing. Yet, in all likelihood, even if he is safe from the sanction of the law, he has probably incurred upon himself a hefty repair bill. What is probably going to happen is that he will submit an insurance claim and his premiums will rise significantly next year. All this because some pedestrian was reading his emails and stepped out onto the road in front of him! Talk about bad luck!

In more extreme cases, reckless traffic crossing can actually result in deaths of motorists. Remember the case where a drunk tried to cross the PIE? The worst part is that the victims are unlikely to be able to obtain any compensation from the errant pedestrian. There is no mandatory third party insurance for pedestrians. Unless the pedestrian is a millionaire, most victims of poor pedestrian road safety will never receive their rightful compensation unless they are self insured.

Road safety is the responsibility of all road users, pedestrians included. But from what I observe, many pedestrians are starting to take road safety for granted. Many cross at unauthorized road crossings; some even taking their own sweet time to do so and force drivers to apply a hefty amount of braking to avoid hitting them. Honks to warn them of their feckless behaviour may sometimes be greeted with rude stares or even the universal gesture. Most pedestrians are of course more of the complacent variety - they are just careless with road safety. Just like the pedestrian I described.

Something must change. I suggest that heavy sanctions be adopted to combat such behaviour. To start with, we should enlarge the offense of jaywalking to include reckless road crossing, increase the fine to $100 and conduct highly publicised Traffic Police Ops to catch offenders.

What say you?

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Watwheels Mar 24 2010 01:20 PM
Imposing heavy fine dun really save lifes. Awareness and education still more effective and must start from young. If parents and elders do not set an example, generations of ppl will continue to be like today's pedestrians, nonchalant and boh chap.
Worst of all is when certain drivers step out of their cars to become pedestrians, they are just as reckless. Ppl must change their mentality & attitude and not think they have the "right" to be reckless as a pedestrian cos once you are dead, you have nothing.
Unfair Mar 24 2010 04:49 PM
I doubt you will see such things happening if they
can allocate 0% liability to drivers as long as they are driving within the law.

Then we will not see pedestrians crossing the roads like they own it.
TandemAssassin Mar 24 2010 08:00 PM
@Watwheels - the thing is economics literature suggests that education usually has low success. If education works, we won't be seeing doctors who smoke. They know the risks better than anyone but they do it anyway. It is an inherent way that humans think. Sadly, only wielding a hefty stick still works best.
Shull Mar 25 2010 02:31 AM
hmmm..OT abit..is the writer staff or student from NUS?
TandemAssassin Mar 25 2010 10:33 AM
@Shull - Yes. I assume you are as well, if you got the email. :)
Shull Mar 25 2010 10:50 AM
yup..i got the email too..

i myself experienced such pedestrian in NUS before..i was driving outside central lib when this pedestrian just cross the road(non zebra crossing) even after his friend tried to pull him back..caused me to jam brake and gave him a 3sec long blast of my horn..

and you guessed it correctly, he's talking on the phone and didn't even bother to look at me..
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