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Lewis buys £20 million private jet to make travelling 'pain free'

By PetrolHead on 05 Feb 2013

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With a 'basic' salary of £12 Million per year - Lewis Hamilton might not be the highest paid driver in the world of F1. Yet that did not stop him from splashing out on a £20 million private jet.

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The blood-red Bombardier CL-600 which can cruise at 500mph, was purchased to make his long-term relationship with X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger work. I have had classmates who were involved in LTR’s and all they had was a mobile phone and a webcam.

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As the British driver resides in the rich man’s playground of Monaco, the former Pussycat Doll is based in Los Angeles and naturally they travel around the globe on business. Apparently to ensure the ‘flame’ between the two is till on, the 28-year old bought the jet to make travelling to see his girlfriend as pain-free as possible.

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The plane is reportedly fitted with a pull-out bed, several plasma television screens and a bar. Lewis has also changed the official registration to G-LCDH – an acronym for Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton. Once taking delivery of his new ‘toy’ he took his maiden flight to Stuttgart, Germany, where he visited his new Formula 1 team.

The jetliner allows both to cut the long queues and evade flight delays at airports and can travel vast distances to see each other at great speed and in great style. Ironically Nicole spent most of her £750,000 fee on chartered flights to visit her boyfriend during filming late last year. The jet can be chartered for about £10,000 an hour when not in use.

Here's a question, if you guys are quite well-off and went shopping for a new toy, what will it be (besides cars of course)?

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Written by PetrolHead
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Wormvirus Feb 05 2013 08:09 PM
beware who is reading, one call from top & farewell to the 12M job, learn to be humble unless ur the boss
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