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Aventador calls Dubai police force home

By PetrolHead on 15 Apr 2013

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Utilising super cars as part of the vehicle lineup by the police force around the world is not unheard of. The police force from Italy, Germany, Britain and even the Romanians possess some quick vehicles to catch traffic violators or at least display a show of deterrence on the road - besides the above picture, which is taken from NFS:Hot Pursuit.

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Now, a million dollar super car (in local currency) has joined the elite club through the Dubai police - the Lamborghini Aventador. The raging bull flagship has been converted into a high speed patrol car and could probably be the most expensive police car in the world.

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Sadly (or thankfully) the car will not be deployed to catch any law breakers but it will be present around major attractions in a bid to boost the image of Dubai.

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On top of the Lamborghini, a number of Chevrolet Camaro's were also added to the fleet - which are expected to be used for patrol.

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