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Please like what I write

By JulesK on 26 Jul 2013

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Journalism (or just plain writing, if you may), in its truest form, should be about honesty and truth. I’ve been writing for some five years now and, of late, I’ve been noticing a slight shift in this so called ‘form’.

There are an increasing number of writers who have the tendency to write to please. Or perhaps they tend to write about what has pleased readers in the past. It’s not wrong. But they’re probably screwed for life. Whether or not this shift is caused by fear of getting hate e-mails or nasty phone calls from car dealers is really beyond me. I wouldn’t go to the extent of saying that their creative span is short, perhaps even shorter than a fat man’s penis. But I do reckon they hear thunderous accolades and they believe them, even if the accolades are merely to polish the writer’s nuts.

There should only be one final judge of writing and that is the writer himself. I’m a nobody and a pretty lousy writer but even I know these basics. When you get swayed by the readers and their comments or other writers and car dealers, you’re finished. You’ll be floating down the dirty river with the posers and the turds.

There’s nothing to stop a man from writing about anything under the sun, be it honesty or lies, unless he decides to chicken out (maybe that's why we have this weekly column). If a writer truly has the pure desire to write, he will do it at all costs, even if it's going to cause a little chip off his shoulder. Rejection and ridicule will only strengthen and encourage him. The longer he is held back, the stronger he becomes - like a mass of rising water against a dam.

Perhaps there is no losing in honest writing. You’ll have the advantage of exposing the wrongs. You'll always have the upper hand. It’s whether or not you want to put in the effort. Writing a powerful piece or even a mere sentence will make you stride like a tiger, eat like a pig and make love like a chimpanzee. You will die a fighter and people will remember you, even if it’s just an innocent collapse at an airport in Korea. You will be honoured in heaven. Or hell. Go with it, send it out. Be the laughing stock in the room full of turds. It’ll be fun.

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Written by Julesk
Although Julian is satisfied driving an Austin Mini now, he hopes to own a Ford Mustang some day. Problem is he has to make it big from ToTo first.

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Pocus Jul 26 2013 07:45 AM
And that could be why "motoring" magazine close shop. Their reviews of cars and mostly only the good stuff. I cannot imagine a car have "nothing much" as the weakness of the car their review summary column, unless they are pleasing someone who is definitely not the reader.
Watwheels Jul 26 2013 08:23 AM
IMO Journalism is just another job that provides. Not many ppl will like your so called honesty. In many ppl's opinion it is just your 2cents worth. If you write something that ppl strongly disagree you will end up writing apologies. Start learning how to write an apology. Journalism is not about writing your personal opinion but it involves research work, field work and analysis.
Most local car journalist I see is that they do not want to offend any car dealers so that they can have a good working relationship and continue to have "free" cars to drive and write reviews on them. They most probably do not have any budget to rent the cars to do their job like big networks do. In most cases journalist alone cannot afford to offend ppl and cannot afford the budget to write "what they like". So what they do is write what ppl like to read to avoid being sued and to avoid loosing their job.
You will find that writing what you like is just a dream...and a naive one. Sgp media has a global ranking of 154th. Try writing in a country that has more media freedom.
Mustank Jul 26 2013 07:06 PM
ok lah help out a bit

SGCM_editorial Jul 26 2013 11:31 PM
As much as you make sense Watwheels, we like the creativity Mustank has. We likey!
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