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Mercedes previews the CLS Wagon concept

By Rigval on 23 Apr 2010

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Mercedes has decided to show to the world their CLS station wagon concept ahead of its debut at the Beijing Auto Show. The car looks very production ready and it if remove that station wagon rear and imagine a boot in its place; it would be what the next generation Mercedes CLS (codenamed X218) looks like.

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The design seems better than expected with Mercedes basically keeping the successful CLS silhouette and adding their latest design cues like the E-class style of rear wheel arch. This, however doesn’t look too successful to me. Of course the point of having such rear creases is to emphasize the rear driven wheels, but as a cohesive design, it is not. It does not flow that well. Maybe if you put in larger, more bulbous front arches this would look fine.

This car must have been in response to the Audi Sportback and the BMW 5series Gran Turismo, which are basically 5 door hatchbacks. But overall, it looks better than what BMW is offering with the 5series Gran Turismo. That car looks it was styled by someone getting inspiration from a dog’s lunch. It is also better than the new Audi A7 as that does not look like it differs from an A4 or an A5 that much. Furthermore, the Audis are too understated in my opinion.

Anyway, we’ll be looking forward to see if this gets into production as a station wagon. Let’s call it a shooting brake. It sounds a little more dignified then.

Expect it to come fully equipped with the new 5.5liter turbocharged Mercedes-AMG V8 with 568bhp and close to 700Nm of torque in the really cooking version of this car. Also expect the usual 3.5liter and a new 4.6liter engine for more ‘basic’ models of this car

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Written by Rigval
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HOUSENUMBER Apr 23 2010 10:15 PM
omg... the back compartment with the rear seats folded is like to put coffin in it
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