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Hummer may be dead, but we now have the Dartz Prombron

By Rigval on 05 May 2010

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We've all been reading or have heard about that not really important fact that Hummer, the non-military version, is closing its doors for good. The very famous military based SUV used by movie-stars, rap artists as well as people who have a lot of money but little taste is wrapping up all production and will close its doors forever, hopefully. General Motors to date have not found any buyers and as it sold less than a couple of thousand vehicles worldwide last year, they have decided to cut the loss making arm. Those eco-mentalists who despise the Hummer are rejoicing at this fact.

But the thing is, there are many Hummer lookalikes out there and these pretenders to the throne are coming out of the woodwork. From Chinese made replicas to Spanish, French made military vehicles we would not really see an end to the Hummer form of design as it still is being adopted everywhere in the world. Maybe that's why Hummer isn't selling strongly as we have cheaper versions coming from all the countries mentioned above. And now from Russia, I bring you the Dartz Prombron.

The Dartz Prom..what? It is a 1.6 million Euro monster SUV from Russia that weighs about 3,700kgs. Dartz is a manufacturer in Russia that builds special vehicles for the military and for those Russian billionaires who owns football teams in England and so forth. The company sees itself as a natural successor to those Russian cars made by Russo Baltique that Lenin and Trotsky used when turning Russia into a Communist powerhouse. Somehow I do not feel too enthralled by this marketing fact as the Prombron itself is ridiculously impressive all by its own.

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The SUV is has sheet metal a couple of centimeters thick and can stop 7.62mm AK47 assault rifle bullets in its track. This is actually good for the military, security paranoid Russian billionaires, Arab billionaires and er, the Russian Mafia? It's no wonder the car weighs like a T72 Main Battle Tank. But this tank can hustle, as it has a 456bhp V8 powering it and a manufacturer stated top speed of 240km/h.

The “Red Diamond Edition” for 2010 and the 2009 “Monaco BR6” edition both cost 1.6million Euros. Dartz builds 100 units of limited run edition Prombrons each year. Somehow they don't seem to find any problems selling them.

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One nice important fact that I want to share with you guys out there is the fact that according to the official website and press releases, the leather utilised throughout the interior of the SUV is not from a cow. It is not even from an ostrich. It comes from the same sort of leather used to line the barstools located in a luxury yacht owned by that Greek shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis; whale penis leather. You can tell your friends that you're sitting on a part of a penis, and be proud of it. I truly wonder if one whale is enough to do so, or you need a two or three of them.

But Dartz isn't satisfied with having some unique leather wrapping its seats for the interior. They've specced gold plated bullet proof glass for the windows, tungsten exhaust system, gauges on the dashboard are diamond encrusted and of course the kevlar coated exterior for bullet-proofing. Three bottles of Russo Baltique, the most expensive vodka made in Russia is also included if you pay the 1.6million Euro asking price. And they then have the cheek to say you shouldn't drive while drinking the free vodka.

Still want that Hummer now? Or something with whale penis leather for you to sit on while driving?
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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Mustank May 05 2010 10:58 AM
wub.gif now this is one big piece of cool shiit that needs a class 4!!!! wub.gif the only thing that don appeal to me is the penis leather laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
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