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A Porsche 911 that makes 911bhp

By Rigval on 19 May 2010

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From what you've read earlier Porsche have just come up with an RS version of the 911 GT2. When Porsche uses the RS tagline, it usually means more power and less weight resulting in an ultra focused driver vehicle. When Porsche came out with the GT2 everyone was amazed that it only had rear wheel drive to power over 600bhp. So when you combined both the GT2 and the RS tags, it becomes nuclear. Of course, if you are in America, rich and impatient till you cannot wait for the RS or think that the RS is still too wimpy for you, you can head to Switzer Performance and get your current model 911 GT2 pumped up even more.

Ohio based Switzer claims that their 911 GT2 makes a nice Porsche 911 sounding figure of....911bhp. Switzer sounds very like it may be run by some Germans as it seems the humor is in line with what people at RUF, Gemballa or TechArt do. I mean only the Germans are a stickler for detail and would think “Hmmm, I think I vant a 911 to have 911bhp. Ve haven't done a 911 with 911bhp ya?”. All this from people tuning Porsche's from some barn like structure in the middle of America.

Switzer has revealed their Switzer Porsche GT2 R911S (a mouthful) makes 291bhp more than the GT2 RS. They start the extra modification based on their P800 GT2 tuning package and continue from it. Massive custom made intercoolers, turbos and other sorts of witchcraft make it reach that magical 911bhp figure.

The car will also come with custom designed titanium inverted front shock absorbers and remote resevoir absorbers for all four corners of the car. Hand selected spring and damping rates are all done by suspension specialists, JRZ.

There will also be a R911S Carbon edition which adds some carbon fibre parts that will lighten the car and aid the handling as well as acceleration; albeit very little since the power is more than adequate to move the moon out of its orbit.

Of course, the thing about tuners is that sometimes they surprise us when it comes to pricing. If you're Stateside, or you somehow wish to bring one in from over there (and left hand drive isn't an issue for you) the Switzer GT2 R911S is yours for US$199,000 and US$239,900 for the carbon version. Porsche sells the GT2 RS for US$245,000.

But Switzer would sell you the uprated kit separately for a price, of course. All you need is money.
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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Elijahritz Nov 19 2010 01:40 PM
Porsche never fails to amazed people in terms of power and speed especially with this one hot car that can ride on an overwhelming 911 bhp. Just from looking at the picture, it sure do have an enormous size of the engine, a high-quality clutch master cylinder, and complex exhaust system. I'm quite curious how it feels inside of the car at top speed. I really hope I could test drive one of those someday.
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