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Massive Auto Mall with test track on roof in Istanbul: Something the Lion City needs?

By Rigval on 31 May 2010

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You’ve got to hand it to Turkish entrepreneurs and the purportedly lack of building space (in Istanbul?) for what I am about to write about below.

We’ve come to know that in places where there is space constraint you can build upwards. This even includes car workshops like the AMK Autopoint situated in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore. Those that frequent there would know that the workshops are built vertically and cars would be driven up to be repaired or modded depending on preference. But it is really tight up there, and if you do like the smell of petrol and diesel in a confined space, be sure to visit the Autopoint often.

However, in Istanbul, Turkey things are now been taken a step further. Autopia Europia is probably going to be the world’s largest auto dealership centre. It will be an Automotive Mall with the size of a large industrial complex (or airport) that has 2 million square feet of space covering 5 floors (each 20 feet high), 200 sales outlets/lots for both new and used automobiles. There will be a car park that can accommodate 900 cars for customers too.

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There will also be 48 lots allocated for repair shops, 24 banks (so that customers can part with their money more quickly) and 42 insurance companies (to fleece even more money from customers too). Now you could say that it covers everything including the kitchen sink, because in order to complete this lifestyle roundup are 56 lots allocated for eateries. People who shop for cars need to eat too you know.

The most fabulous feature of this Automall is the design includes a test drive track on the roof of the building. This is somewhat like the Subaru Hub located in Toa Payoh which has its own small test track on the roof, but very much larger. The roof test track looks like a proper sized oval, and could be used for some drifting.

In a space constraint country like Singapore ideas like this could be good. Maybe a local entrepreneur could cook up the same concept over here. What say you?

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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bellboy May 31 2010 02:45 PM
A roof-top race tracks will probably have speed limits. Really defeats the purpose.
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