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Sales pitch: Buy a yacht for a a lot of money, get a supercar for free

By Rigval on 10 Jun 2010

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Yup. This is what its coming to nowadays. You buy a big boat, you get a car. Companies try all sorts of gimmicks to get people to buy their stuff and for £17million, the builders of the StrandCraft 122 have thrown in a supercar if you buy their limited production super yacht, as shown in the concept photographs seen here. They should throw in a small island in the Caribbean for you to be dictator there too since it costs so much.

StrandCraft, a Swedish luxury boat maker is preparing its launch of the 122. A multi million Pound (or Dollar depending on which currency you use) high performance 38 meter long super yacht that has an art deco inspired interior which can be personally customized. Obviously, as it costs so much. For optimum entertainment, 52” LCD TVs can be specified and the entertainment unit will come with Bang & Olufson sound in every cabin. Check out the concept picture below. Really 1930s art deco inspired for something so modern on the outside.
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Owning a yacht this modern requires adequate performance, and by adequate this would mean that StrandCraft has twin MTU 16V400 engines with optional Rolls Royce KaMeWa boost waterjets to make about 14,000bhp and drive this sleek, over the top, able to feed all the kids in some empoverished country expensive and ultra plush yacht to speeds in excess of 50knots.

Now as for their main sales gimmick, instead of having a smaller boat or two jet skis as the yacht’s tender, StrandCraft have decided that it would make more sense to slot in a 880bhp twin turbocharged V12 super car at the yacht’s stern garage. This ‘tender’ vehicle is designed to hit 233mp/h and nothing else has been said about it. Like who builds the engine (I think it could be a 7.3liter AMG like the one in the Pagani Zonda but with turbos like the SL65) or who designed the car or the most important thing (it looks like a supercar, but isn’t jaw dropping or anything like that in my opinion), which is how would a car designed by a luxury boat maker handle? If it handles like a boat then the future owners are in trouble.

Anyway, the 122 is limited to six units which mean that there are only six of those supercars too. According to StrandCraft, they are already in talks with five potential customers (and I predict most will come from the Middle East) who seem to fancy a boat that is sold with a car. Any takers from this part of the world?
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Written by Rigval
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Jason8 Jul 03 2012 02:48 PM
What can I say?This couple looks just great,design is really fantastic.If I had £17million I would consider such a purchase,that demands also a luxury lifestyle.Maybe it's a good idea that they sell the fancy boat together with a fancy car? I think yes, because together it looks just amazing.Every product has it's costumer, furthermore,reading Forbes and looking around we can see that everything is not so bad in some parts of the world where extremely rich people live.World has it's financial heroes and maybe one of them will take an advantage of purchasing a boat and getting a car for free.Simple people who live through online loans can just look at the pictures and enjoy one more brainchild of the progress.
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