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Suzuki previews the third generation Swift

By Rigval on 14 Jun 2010

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Some breaking news for Suzuki fans out there. Suzuki has previewed the next generation Swift (the third generation) and it is slightly longer (wheelbase up by 50mm to 2530mm -amended ), wider and taller than the model that currently plies our roads. It will also be cleaner and more efficient than the earlier model and will be lighter yet stiffer due to Suzuki utilizing more high tensile steel in its chassis. This surely would make the new Swift handle better than ever and this is a very good thing as the old one is one of the sweetest handling yet affordable superminis out on sale in the market today.

This third generation Suzy Swift will have two new engines; a 94bhp 1.2liter petrol with dual variable valve timing will effectively replace the 1.3liter petrol. The engine will be slightly more powerful and even more economical than the 1.3liter engine. It will make 56.5mpg or 5ltr/100km for the manual, which is 7.8mpg better than the second generation 1.3liter model. .

Some markets will also gain a 1.3liter diesel. Very important for the European markets where oil burners are very popular. It will be more economical and will make 67.3mpg. No news as yet on the sweet handling Swift Sport or 1.5liter model, which would be the one Swift fans out there are waiting for. There will be both manual and automatic transmission for the Swift when the car is officially launched.

As for the looks of the car, it is an evolution, not a revolution. The car is easily recognizable as a Swift but with a larger rear Renault Megane styled rear. The lights front and rear look pulled longer to the sides but everything looks almost the same. This would at least keep the second hand residuals of the current model high and not make people who just bought the current model feel they bought something outdated. Like a Mini, if it isn't broken, don't fix it. Less change is better. etc. etc.

This new 2010 third generation Suzy Swift will be on sale in the third quarter of 2010 and this news came about as Suzuki had just held its premier line-off ceremony for this car at its car manufacturing plant in Hungary, which is where Suzuki builds most of its Swifts for Europe. The plant in Japan should be gearing up for the production of this new car too.

This is a car that I am really looking forward to as I thoroughly enjoy driving the current Swift, both the 1.5liter version and also the 1.6liter Swift Sport. Both versions are so chuckable and so much fun on B-roads. It handles very well, has a high level of refinement and good build/material used quality yet it is still very affordable for most people. It is a driver's car for the masses. Let's hope the new car is as good or better than this current one.
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- image via totalcar.hu

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Macrosszero Jun 14 2010 08:43 PM
Swift grown up - longer, wider and having a bigger behind
Pocus Jun 14 2010 08:57 PM
I welcome it to be wider and longer...but the current swift is already tall, why make it taller? Hope the handling won't be compromised cos that's exactly the factor that sells the swift!

I find the C pillar of the current Swift sporty and trendy... but the new one seems "rounder" much to Skoda's Fabia's style...

A bit ah pek IMHO.....But need to see the actual car before a final verdict is given.
Rigval Jun 15 2010 08:04 PM
Hello! I think the reason the new swift is taller is that Suzuki wanted to keep the current proportions. i.e height to width to length ratio, so that it looks much like the earlier model.

E052798 Jun 16 2010 12:31 PM
is anyone even reading this?
2830mm wheelbase???

Rigval Jun 16 2010 02:52 PM
My apologies. It is 2530mm. NOT 2830mm.
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