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Aston Martin launches the Nurburgring 24Hours inspired V8 Vantage N420

By Rigval on 08 Jul 2010

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In 2007 Aston Martin launched its limited edition (480 units in total) motorsport inspired N400 V8 Vantage based model to celebrate its achievements in the Nurburgring 24Hours Endurance Race. Now three years later, Aston Martin has decided to do the same again. Another limited edition Aston Martin called the V8 Vantage N420. Based on the V8 Vantage, the smallest of the Aston Martin coupes, bar that abomination – the Cygnet, can be considered as Aston's answer to the Porsche GT3. This, in layman's terms mean a slightly lighter, harder hitting and slightly faster model of the already fast car. This Aston gets its name from the horsepower figures the car makes, 420bhp. But this figure isn't something unique or different to 2008 onwwards Vantage owners as the 4.7liter makes this amount. So you may ask, what is actually so special about this car then?

Well, firstly it is 27kg lighter. Most of the weight loss comes from a pair of carbon fiber front seats as well as a carbon fiber splitter up front, side strakes and a carbon fiber diffuser at the rear. Secondly it has an interior that has graphite look instruments, leather and alcantara everywhere and lastly the usually optional Vantage Sports Pack as standard. This package has revised suspension settings (both spring and shocks), different anti roll bars and a sports exhaust system.

I would say those three are the most important changes to the standard Vantage. There are also new 10 spoke alloy rims, N420 badges and three special colours; ‘Rose’ yellow, ‘Kermit’ green and ‘Elwood’ blue. I especially like the Kermit the Frog homage here.

The press release also mentioned Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control and park distance control. These three items are purely marketing people talk here. I am only mentioning it because this shows us that the N420 differs little from what we can get with the standard Vantage and the people in marketing are trying hard to fill up that sales brochure with information. I would buy this car even if they didn't start talking about Blueteeth or whatnot. The V8 sounds awesome.

The N420 is limited to 420 units and is available as either roadster or coupe and will cost from £96,995 when order books open later this month. The first deliveries are scheduled for the end of August 2010.

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