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Honda Malaysia faces the wrath of a very unsatisfied customer

By Rigval on 20 Jul 2010

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“My Honda Is Useless.” So says Mr Jess Ross, who works as an events executive in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Not only does he tell people this, but his Honda Accord 2.0 also advertises this fact. The words “My Honda Tak Guna” and details on why his Honda is 'tak guna' or useless is plastered all over his car. Now I suppose he now has the utmost attention of Honda Malaysia as he has taken pictures of his car, parked right in front of the sales center where he bought his car. He also has the attention of the Malaysian local daily The Malay Mail too as it has a picture on the front page of its July 16th edition.

According to the reports, and to some extent the side of his Honda, the reason for all this extreme measure was that the 15 month old RM140,000 Honda Accord's brakes kept on being faulty despite several repairs. Mr. Ross was quoted, "Three months after buying the car, the rear brakes started giving way. After having these replaced by Honda, the same problem occurred three months later with the brakes giving way in the middle of the road.”

"Luckily, I wasn't hit by another car when it happened." he added, also claiming that the rear brake calipers were not assembled according to specs. According to his statement to the Malay Mail, he reported that he had the brake discs skimmed as it was juddering. And then it started screeching and juddering again even after the work conducted by the service center (this was by then the fourth time that the car was brought in). The car was sent for repairs at Sumber Auto in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Mr Ross is claiming manufacturing defects as he seems to be having so many brake related problems, and he now wants Honda Malaysia to replace his car with another guaranteed problem free unit or Honda buy back the problematic lemon of a car.

According to the paper, Honda Malaysia is still committed to inspecting, servicing and repairing the lemon. But Mr Ross wants more than that. He further asks why Honda Malaysia cannot guarantee their parts which basically serve a basic (and very necessary) function of braking properly. "Is it too much to ask for a guarantee for their supposedly original parts which they recommended we use?"

He has no plans of removing the stickers from the car until he feels the issue is resolved. A very brave man this Mr Ross. But as Honda Malaysia wants to keep on repairing the car until it is working fine, and Mr Ross wants a totally new car or a money back refund it is going to take a while....and get pretty messy soon. Lawsuits on the way maybe? But heck, brakes are brakes, is it so hard for Honda to resolve such an issue?

It has been a while since I heard of such a lemon of a car, especially a Honda.

The report basically came from the Malay Mail, with pictures from Mr Ross' Facebook photo album as he is a friend of a friend of mine. Don't you just love Facebook?

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Hermit Jul 20 2010 03:40 PM
Car theft scare tactic?
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