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Another Euro 5 victim: European Ford Focus ST sales discontinued

By Rigval on 23 Aug 2010

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The Euro5 emissions standard must be pretty stringent as it now adds another sporty type of car to its list of victims, the Ford Focus ST. This news is somewhat saddening as it comes right after Honda’s announcement that the Civic Type R Hatchback had to be discontinued due to the Honda 2.0liter VTEC engine failing to make the emissions standard above.

The Ford Focus ST uses a nice sounding, pretty torquey 2.5liter 5 cylinder turbocharged engine and had formed the base engine to the RS version of this car. In ST form, even with that sexual innuendo-like ‘ST’ moniker, the Focus was rated as one of the best hot hatches you can buy.

And now with that fact that the 2.5liter engine failing to meet Euro5 standards, the Focus ST is no more. This is because its largest market was in fact, Europe, and without sales in over there it obviously had to be discontinued.

Ford is however expected to launch a 4cylinder successor to the ST at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. While it may lose out on the 5 cylinder ‘warble’, current technology will ensure that it keeps its poke.

Other fast, sporty cars that will fall victim to the mandatory Euro5 standard that is required for all cars on sale in Europe are Alfa Romeo’s Brera 3.2 (while slightly newer than the fabulous 3.0liter V6 used previously, it still fails to have a long lifespan), Mazda’s RX8 (quite obvious as the rotary engine is pretty hard to tune for emissions -pictured below), and that 5.0liter V10 turbodiesel used by the Volkswagen-Audi Group (in the VW Tourag and the Phaeton).

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Elijahritz Mar 11 2011 03:06 PM
The Euro 5 emissions standard has really hit many cars of different make and models. Well, this emission standard is good for the environment but not on the car makers as they have to either redesign certain parts of their cars such as the mazda rx8 spark plugs, engine and exhaust system (car that is also affected because of Euro5) or chose not to sell them. I kinda noticed that most of the cars who have been affected with the Euro 5 are popular sports car or sedan like the RX8, Tourag and Focus.
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