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2012MY Nissan GT-R details leaked

By Rigval on 28 Aug 2010

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The boys over at Gtrblog have got a hold on the 2012 Model Year "MY" (or end 2011 JDM) R35 Nissan GT-R specification, prices and pictures! According to them, the pics and specification stated here are of the real thing.

The 2011JDM Nissan GT-R has a new factory code too, from CBA-R35 to DBA-R35. Visual updates and upgrades include LED daytime driving lights located on a restyled front bumper. The shape of the little winglets/canards have changed and there is also a redesigned rear bumper/diffuser which improves downforce by a further 10%. According to data posted by gtrblog, the GT-R now makes more down force than a Ferrari F430, Porsche 911 Turbo and the BMW M3 to name a few. Drag coefficient also goes down from 0.272 to 0.268 which is good for any car for that matter.

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New alloy wheels from Rays (forged aluminium) cut 3kg per rim, making a 12kg loss off the GT-R unsprung weight. This translates to better handling, steering response and feedback. Buyers can specify the lightweight wheels in either Hyper Blue Black or Hyper Titanium, which basically is the usual bronze color to our ‘untrained’ eyes.

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Two new colors are also mentioned. The Aurora Flare Blue Pearl and the Nebula Opal Black as added to the color list for this newly updated GT-R. One other detail that is not mentioned is whether the GT-R is packing any additional horses or whether the engine is left the same. We would have to wait and see.

The new pricing and model range for the GT-R will be as follows:
Pure Edition JPY8,694,000
Black Edition JPY9,303,000
Premium Edition JPY9,450,000
Club Track Edition JPY10,479,000 (not inclusive of member fees, etc.)
Spec M JPY15,000,300
Spec V JPY15,750,000
S-TEC (ST1) JPY23,000,000 (approx)

The Spec M is the premium luxury spec version while the Spec V is the sportier version. But both can be specced to the buyer’s whims and fancies. Including Sakura pink colored seats pictured below. No, it isn’t a photoshop (or I hope it isn’t) but the Interior Color Choices for the luxury Spec M allows for 10 lower section color choices, including Cointeau Orange, Muelheim Brown and that Sakura Pink color.

Attached Image: spec_m_seats_05.jpg

According to Gtrblog, the official name for the Spec-M is not final, whether it is called the Spec-M at launch is yet to be decided and the official announcement of the Spec-M is scheduled for 18th October 2010 with the official launch of this 2012 (2011JDM) Nissan GT-R taking place at Nissan’s Yokohama HQ in on 17th November 2010

Aurora Blue exterior, pink seats, BOSE optional stereo, totally updated GT-R…….things can’t get better than that. Or any worse.

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Friendstar Aug 29 2010 05:25 PM
I thought MY = Malaysia.
Genes Aug 29 2010 09:10 PM
I thought so too lol
Rigval Aug 29 2010 11:59 PM
you learn something new in here everyday! :)
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