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Hyundai previews facelifted i10 ahead of official launch

By Rigval on 18 Sep 2010

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The car in the photographs are the latest pics of a facelifted Hyundai i10. Hyundai's really good mini car was shown to have been facelifted at a recent event in South Korea. The event was to have been for the preview of the i10 BlueOn, a fully electric car version of the i10 that had the new styling on its exterior.

Now the actual unveiling of the facelifted i10 was supposed to be at the Paris Motor Show later this month but sometimes, manufacturers slip up. In a globally connected world, a small event in South Korea will still be a significant piece of breaking news when the people start connecting two and two together. This time, the motoring journalists have pieced this piece of news with the new looks of the i10 BlueOn, deducting that the new face is actually the facelifted styling for the i10 in general.

The i10's styling now has the design cues from the new i35 crossover vehicle. This is present in the front headlights and the grille/ front bumper layout. The reshaped lights look much better and shaplier instead of just a basic triangular shape. This and the wider gaping grille have made the car look wider and flatter than it actually is. In fact, one of the reasons why I myself do not fancy the i10 is because of its tall and slightly clumsy looking stance and styling. It has now been slightly improved with this facelift and I would say this very well made small car is now an even better car to buy or drive, although the news does not say anything about handling upgrades but the looks now make you feel better when you drive one.

Not much has been said about the interior upgrades. This may be small and insignificant but the i10 in my opinion does not need an interior tweak as much as the exterior. It is already a very nice place to be in as the materials used for the interior feel very tactile to the touch and of a higher quality than expected for a small car.

The facelifted i10 will also have fully compliant Euro5 engines. The 1.2liter engine will have a slight retune for more power and lower CO2 emissions but there will also be a new 1.0liter 3 cylinder petrol engine that will replace the old 1.1liter petrol engine. The main improvement to this engine is CO2 emissions under the 100g/km benchmark, by 1g/km.

On the specification of the electric powered i10 BlueOn (sounds like a long lost cousin of Ju-On or some quirky Korean name), it is powered by a lithium ion polymer battery with a 80bhp rated electric motor. It has a range of more than 130km on a single charge and has a top speed of around 130km/h. So technically you can travel for a distance of 130km or travel anywhere for an hour before you need to find an electric socket. Then you need 25 minutes to get an 80 percent charge or a whole 6 hours for a full charge to travel another 1 hour or 130km.

Give me the 1.2liter petrol engine anytime.

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photo/news source:autocar/newyorktimes

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