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AC Schnitzer does the F10 BMW 5 Series, and its carbon trimmed interior is shocking

By Rigval on 27 Sep 2010

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AC Schnitzer is a long time BMW specific tuner and they have been doing BMWs for as long as I can remember. In the early 1990s I used to love looking at BMWs with those AC Schintzer alloys on those E30s, E34s and E36s. They look really good. And speaking of the grandchild of the E34 5 series, the F10, AC Schnitzer have come up with their upgrades for the latest BMW mid range saloon.

Now AC Schnitzer is not about alloy wheels and bodykits. While this is the stuff that flies through their catalogue of stuff they also do performance upgrades for their cars. This time around, their press release emphasizes the power upgrade for their diesel 530d as it now puts out 286bhp instead of 245bhp. I suppose this oil burner is what most of Europe buys and this is the first of the engine upgrades done by Schnitzer. In fact, the other F10 5 series that will have a tuning package is the 520d, 525d and the 535d. All oil burners.

The only upgrade for the petrol engines is a rear muffler for the exhaust system. This is for the 550i, 535i as well as for the diesel 535d and 530d. You get better exhaust noise and better throttle response but you do not get any additional power from it. There are no other performance upgrades mentioned for now.

For handling as well as for that cool lowered look AC Schnitzer has a spring kit for all F10 5 series. The springs lower the car by about 25mm and tighten up the handling without making passengers suffer. But I suspect that the ride will slightly suffer if you opt for AC Schnitzer’s Type IV 19 or 20inch alloy (especially 20inch) wheels in a two colour scheme or silver. There are also the AC Schnitzer Type VIII alloys in 19inch for those who want a different option or their latest lightweight forged Type V alloy wheels. These new Type V allows sizes of 9.0J and 10.0J x 20 inch with tires 245/35 R20 on the front and 285/30 R 20 at the rear, and at the same time achieves a clear weight advantage.

Now with those large wheels you need brakes that do not look puny when you look through them. Ac Schnitzer’s 8-pot big brake kit for the front wheels should solve this problem and ensure eye popping braking performance.

As for the looks department, the AC Schnitzer F10 comes with a front bumper/spoiler setup, side skirts, rear bumper diffuser type insert which neatly integrates the tailpipes, a tiny rear roof spoiler and a tiny bootlid spoiler. There is also an option for more ‘bling’. The company has chrome bits for the front and rear of the BMW.

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The interior gets an AC Schnitzer ‘EVO’ sports steering with carbon inserts in black. There is also carbon interior trim which includes door sill trims also in carbon black. Aside from carbon, AC Schnitzer has aluminium pedals and aluminium/leather gearknobs as well as mundane, yet hot selling items like boot and foot mats.

I however have to add that I think the carbon weave is a little too much. Big fat looking weave patterns do not look as good as the traditional (as if carbon is a traditional material in the first place) small carbon weave pattern that we see in cars usually. In fact, they look ugly. It’s like having a traditional woven mats made from pandan tree (Pandanus amaryllifolius ) leaves. Good for mats, not good for parts of a dashboard. Check out the picture below of an actual pandan mat. Some black paint & laquer, a pair of scissors, some glue and your car can have a dashboard like the one above.

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pandan mat photo:malaysiana.pnm.my

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Ahbengdriver Sep 27 2010 08:49 PM
ACS always turns a good looking car that looks so beng even I dare not be seen in one...piu !
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