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Tan Chong Release All-new Nissan Qashqai+2

By JulesK on 06 Oct 2010

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Following the recent launch of the face-lifted 2010 QASHQAI, the dynamic mid-size crossover has now expanded its offer with a seven-seat version, called QASHQAI+2. Building on the original QASHQAI’s dynamic driving characteristics of a sporty hatchback and robust, solid virtues of a compact SUV, the QASHQAI+2 now comes with added space and versatility.

“The distinctive style, generous interior space and the superb drivability of the QASHQAI appeal to buyers seeking something different. The new seven-seat QASHQAI+2, with its increased practicality, space and versatility, will add a new dimension to the range.” said Mr. Ron Lim, General Manager, Sales and marketing, Tan Chong Motor Sales.

Increased dimensions with unique styling
QASHQAI+2 shares the same design DNA with the original QASHQAI, but is subtly different from virtually every angle. With wheelbase extended by 135mm – taking it to 2,765 mm – the overall length of QASHQAI+2 has risen to 4,541mm, an increase of 211mm over the five-seat version.

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To ensure there’s ample headroom in the third set of seats, the roofline has been lengthened and reprofiled at the rear of the vehicle, adding 36mm to the overall height and taking it to 1,642mm. Headroom in the front and middle row of seats has increased by 16mm and 10mm respectively while knee room in the middle row has improved by 23mm.
Other styling changes include larger side windows at the rear of the vehicle to provide a light and airy environment for occupants of the third row seats. Further differentiation between the five and seven-seat versions is provided by a new tailgate with a deeper rear window.

Another exterior feature found as standard on QASHQAI+2 is a huge panoramic glass roof to give the same light, airy feeling as the existing QASHQAI Premium. The fixed roof is 140mm longer than the equivalent sunroof offered on QASHQAI Premium and has a one-touch electric operated sunshade.

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Additionally, QASHQAI+2 comes with roof rails as standard, adding a premium feel to its silhouette.

Foldable 2nd and 3rd row seats for increased loading area
Depending on the seating and cargo combinations, QASHQAI+2’s foldable 2nd and 3rd row seats provide 7 seating combinations and up to 1520 litres of space. The 2nd row seats now have a three way folding operation on a 40/20/40 split. The centre ‘20’ portion doubles as a seat or a generously wide multi-function armrest that incorporates two cup holders, a large lidded storage box and an integrated 12V power outlet. When upright, the box becomes storage recess for those in the rearmost seats.

The third row seats can be folded completely flat to increase luggage space. The seats split on a 50/50 basis and each can be folded away simply by pulling on a single strap without removing the head restraints first.

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Unlike many seven-seat vehicles, QASHQAI+2 has a full depth roller-blind style tonneau cover. With the rearmost seats folded, it can be used conventionally, but if the rearmost seats are occupied, it can be removed and stowed in a special compartment under the boot floor. The lid of the underfloor storage area, meanwhile, can also double as a cargo divider so fragile shopping can be safely loaded where it won’t be damaged by heavier items.

Two- and four-wheel drive
Developed by Nissan, the ALL-MODE 4x4® system allows secure and relaxed driving with advanced electronics taking care of all traction needs, ensuring that QASHQAI+2 has grip at all times no matter how severe the conditions. Unlike some other automatic four-wheel drive systems, ALL-MODE 4x4® uses advanced electronics rather than hydraulic pumps to ensure drive is transferred between wheels and axles the instant the need arises.

Under normal conditions, QASHQAI+2 operates in front-wheel drive. The instant wheel slippage is detected however, a centre clutch in the rear and final drive is electronically activated and drive is correctly apportioned between front and rear axles.

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ALL-MODE 4x4® comes with 3 modes, selected via a switch in the centre console. In two-wheel drive mode, the system is permanently set in front-wheel drive. When the LOCK setting is selected, the system switches to four-wheel drive with drive split 50:50 front to rear.

The most practical mode however, is the AUTO mode in which the system is left to its own devices. Sensors linking the engine’s ECU with the four-wheel drive and ABS controller constantly monitor wheel slippage and automatically send signals to the electromagnetic centre clutch mounted just ahead of the rear axle to apportion torque correctly. Left in AUTO, the system will automatically compensate for unexpected road conditions.

Performance that provides driving comfort & safety
QASHQAI+2 comes with front strut suspension and rear multi-link suspension co-developed by SACHS and Nissan that provide outstanding handling performance combined with a smooth, comfortable ride. Shock absorbers with high-speed damping control have been adopted to enhance both handling and comfort, with rebound springs which to maintain a flat body position during cornering.

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QASHQAI+2 is powered by Nissan’s light weight, new generation, all-aluminium MR20DE engine renowned for its high torque at low-to-medium speeds and quiet operation. It is also fitted with Xtronic CVT, a continuously variable transmission with a six-speed manual shift mode. Its advanced Adaptive Shift Control logic recognises up to 700 driving patterns and decides the best shift pattern to suit road conditions and the driver’s intentions.

QASHQAI+2 also comes with an Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) system that achieves excellent braking capacity by optimally distributing brake force to the front and rear wheels according to the number of passengers and cargo on board. Along with EBD, QASHQAI+2 is also equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that optimises braking while maintaining directional control, especially in emergency situations and on slippery surfaces.

Click here http://www.sgcarmart...iew.php?AID=247 to find out more about the drive of the Nissan QASHQAI+2 now.

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