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Fenice Milano blings the Rolls Royce Ghost with gold, gold and more gold

By Rigval on 20 Oct 2010

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So you’ve made it big in the world. You make more money than the annual GDP of Timor Leste in a month. You like the Rolls Royce Phantom but its too big for your liking. So you’ve already got a nice standard Rolls Royce Ghost on order and about to arrive at your doorsteps but then you find out that your neighbour, who’s as rich as you had his delivered yesterday. What do you do? You go to Fenice Milano in Italy to get your Ghost fitted out with their DIVA tuning program. It’s called DIVA because when I start explaining it to you guys you’ll know what Fenice Milano mean when they call their upgrade program just that.

Taking a cue from Mansory, Fenice Milano supposedly combines Italian elegance and style. Actually the how much style and elegance I wouldn’t know as it seems they may have forgotten about taste.
Fenice Milano’s DIVA program for the Roller has three variants – all gaudy. The first one is the White edition. Why it isn’t called Gold edition is baffling to me as it features 24karat gold plating on the bonnet, the grille, side sills and the door mirrors. The second variant is the Navy Blue Diva. This one has a normal chrome grille and white gold pearlescent accents. The third and final edition is the Bronze Diva variant with 24K gold accents like the White version or golden pearlescent or bronze trimmings. Whatever it is, the Bronze variant is still ‘In your Face, neighbour/friend/peasant! My Ghost is more Bling than yours!” And they all look the same to me.

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If the outside does not make your heart bleed, the interior has more 24K gold accents. They also use teak or grey oak finish instead of the usual burr walnut finish. A lot of teak or oak trees must have met a bitter end to make this happen. And gold seems to be a fixation with Fenice Milano. They’ve fitted the Ghost with a 24K Gold minibar too. Lets drink to that.

And after getting all worked up with their press release stating gold this and gold that. The company states that they can tweak the ECU, install a performance exhaust system (with 24K gold tips if you want them it that color) and install a killer stereo system. They mentioned something about also improving the ‘suction’ system of the Ghost. This could mean a sports air filter upgrade or turbos but I am speculating. It could also mean a built in vacuum cleaner for all I know. They didn’t even mention what wheel and tire combo the car rides on.

Maybe the PR men started on the drinks in that 24K minibar before writing the press release. Whatever the case, once you have a Rolls Royce Ghost Diva in your driveway; the neighbours will either be so jealous or be shaking his head in total disgust

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