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sgCarMart's Cars of the Year 2010

By JulesK on 15 Nov 2010

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With the rising number of influential and gorgeous looking cars on the road, the automotive lovers at sgCarMart have decided to push the industry’s boundaries by working on a brand new plan – sgCarMart’s Cars of the Year 2010.

The sgCarMart team has done a thorough research on the competition just to ensure that fairness is observed. An in-depth judging criteria has also been prepared to give you viewers a better understanding of what this competition is all about.

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No other award in this country has such clearly stated criteria or is backed by passionate testing and thorough review of almost every car make and model in the industry. And that is the reason why you don't see their personal favorite cars recycled on the pages on sgCarMart year after year.

The boys at sgCarMart have shortlisted the top 36 cars according to their respective car types. And it won’t be over till you place your votes on the deserving 12 winners. So start voting.


Judging Criteria

Our judges will evaluate the top cars of 2010 based on a total of eight criteria. The first seven criteria are based on the following:

- Views on model on sgCarMart.com
- Price
- Features (sunroof, push start engine button, smart key, electric seats, etc)
- Performance (CC, turbo, engine type, top-speed, acceleration, etc)
- Fuel economy
- Size
- Safety features

These seven criteria will contribute 10% each to the total score.

A total of six car types will be brought into the competition. In order to ensure fairness, each of these car types will be categorised under premium as well as normal.

However, the eighth criteria is where you guys, our readers, come in. In order to hold a fair competition, Consumer Voting will hold a massive 30% of the total score, which means your votes play a huge role in this competition.

Given the love for cars, our judges are always on the hunt for perfection. So astonish us with your votes, attention to detail and overall professionalism. Our judges will be keeping a lookout for cars that excel in the criteria.

Some of the attractive prizes for taking part

Attached Image
Attached Image: prize_pic1.jpg
Attached Image: prize_pic2.jpg
Attached Image: prize_pic3.jpg

Some of our COTY Nominees

Attached Image: cat1car2.png
Attached Image: cat2car2.png
Attached Image: cat3car2.png
Attached Image: cat4car2.png
Attached Image: cat5car2.png
Attached Image: cat6car2.png

Vote here : http://www.sgcarmart...ty2010/vote.php
Give car review here : http://www.sgcarmart...10/nominees.php

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Written by Julesk
Although Julian is satisfied driving an Austin Mini now, he hopes to own a Ford Mustang some day. Problem is he has to make it big from ToTo first.

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Unfair Nov 15 2010 04:35 PM
Tried voting, ended up with a page cannot be found error..
Laserjet Nov 15 2010 10:27 PM
It works fine for me.
Bro, sorry, but you wanna try again?
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