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Hamann Motorsport and H&R combine forces: H&R Hamann Fiat 500 Abarth

By Rigval on 01 Dec 2010

There recently was news regarding a collaboration between horsepower brokers Hamann Motorsport and suspension tuner extraordinaire H&R. Between them they have basically created the ultimate Fiat 500; the 275bhp, 380Nm H&R Hamann Fiat 500 Abarth Essesse. This is basically the ultimate bubble sports car as it should have the handling to match the power supplied to it.

We start with Harmann's contribution to the package first. In order to achieve the desired 275bhp, Harmann has basically thrown in everything it has at the Fiat 1.4liter Multijet turbocharged engine. The engine gets forged pistons, uprated & polished conrods, cylinder head porting & polishing, different camshafts (most probably high lift with a different duration), Hamann fuel rail with fuel pressure regulator and larger injectors, a larger geometry variable vane turbocharger, Hamann specific intercooler & air baffles and colder high heat resistant spark plugs as well as the usual ECU tweaking and tuning. All of the fuel and air gets exhausted via a 200cell sports cat and then through a quad tail pipe sports exhaust system.

This then passes through a limited slip differential equipped 6 speed manual gearbox that gets an uprated clutch & pressure plate and a 20% lighter than stock flywheel. With 350Nm going through the Fiat's front wheels, all of the goodies mentioned are very necessary. Hamann also adds larger 4pot brake calipers up front with 305mm diameter discs and larger than stock 264mm discs at the rear. This is added insurance for those trying to quell such a ballistic little car from very high speeds.

Hamann then throws in their body kit complete with front splitter and rear diffuser, LED daytime driving lights, wide wheel arches and side skirts. Also assisting in the looks and handling are 18inch alloy wheels running 225/35//18 tires.

H&R then comes up with the handling package for the car after Hamann is done upping the horsepower and the stopping power. H&R have stated that they had developed a new suspension system that consists of coil-overs front and rear (with high-low/soft-hard settings). They have also increased the width of the little Fiat's track front and rear with the use of wheel spacers specially designed for the Fiat. The suspension takes into account of this extra width and it isn't like some aftermarket tuner slapping some spacers without any proper research. Aside from improving grip, H&R claims that the handling is greatly improved as the firmer suspension and wider track reduces pitching and roll movements to a minimum. This allows the driver to actually focus on driving fast and hard instead of worrying about trying to control the extra body movements.

The news on this special collaboration Fiat 500 Abarth was released in line with its official preview at the Essen Motor Show in Germany which started on the 27th of November. No information on pricing has been announced as yet.

Not a bad looking little monster. I'd keep the power mods, alloys and suspension but I would lose the slightly over the top body kit and I'd keep the car painted in the original Abarth colors as this car looks like it has been painted by someone who works at the Puma shoe factory. It seems to have a cat leaping from one side of the bonnet to the other, much like the Puma Speedcat shoe.

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Written by Rigval
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