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KLIMS 2010: The Concept Cars

By Rigval on 07 Dec 2010

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What I like about Motor Shows are concept cars. In fact, if a motor show is devoid of concept cars it would feel as if the event is lacking something. It feels like having fish & chips without the tartar sauce or having a hot dog without relish, and mustard. So when the Kuala Lumpur Motor Show 2010 (KLIMS) had on display a whole lot of concept cars, it felt like a proper motor show. Of course, not all look like the Lotus Esprit concept pictured above

These are the Good, the So-so and the Really Horrid.

The Good

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Perodua - The Bezza, a very Toyota-esque concept car. Not surprised if it actually is a Toyota/Daihatsu with the badging changed. If it isn't, Perodua in-house design division has improved tremendously.

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Toyota With the georgeous FT-HS (which could be a hybrid version of the FT86). I cannot wait for the FT86 to be launched after viewing this concept car in real life.

The So-so

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Mitsubishi with the iMIEV Sport Air supermini sized car and

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Mitsubishi PX MIEV SUV, both are just typical concept cars that are fully electric vehicles.

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China's Chery with this little EV

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Isuzu with the D-MAX body kit concept which is a design study for D-MAX accessories.

The Really Horrid

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Hyundai The iX Metro. It is a fish disguised as a car. If this is the next i10, I'm not buying it.

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Toyota's cut out Standard Car For The Next Era Concept if this is the future of passenger cars, it's going to put me to sleep.

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Naza's Concept Cabriolet based on the Kia Picanto Someone with a chainsaw and no imagination. Sorry for the shakey photograph. I couldn't stand looking at it a second longer.

Proton's factory staff in-house concept car competition cars While it does showcase the fabrication talents of the regular-Joe factory employees as well as how to work on a very tiny budget, the people who designed these 'cars' should not quit their day jobs as assemblers, technicians and whatever they do at Proton's plants.

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